Money money money

7 Mar 2014 ashlee asked


Hey guys,
So I am doing a 16 day tour, and I have already worked out the optional's price and the food price. What I'm wanting to know is how much have you spent roughly in a day in Europe just on shops?
I know there are days when you are just on the bus, but I am trying to be over prepared, without spending heaps of money (I did an 8 day contiki and spent $1000 just on souvenirs which I didn't want or need - they are sitting in a suitcase beacause I don't have any use for them)
I am planning on buying a sticker/postcard in each place as a souvenir, and I want to get proper authentic food in each place (aka a baguette in france), but apart from those, how much money did you spend???



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