Europe in April - June

1 Jan 2011 krst222 said

Hey, I am going to europe in April going on the great britain and ireland tour april 22 then after that tour not sure what i am doing? I was thinking of going to amsterdam then to berlin then to france and spain and italy. <BR><BR>Whats other peoples ideas around that time? anyone on the Ireland/great Britain trip? <BR><BR>Cheers kirsten
  • 3 Feb 2011 Jbird910 said


    I’m going on the England and Scotland tour (which I’m thinking will be combined with your tour seeing as how they are leaving the same date and the itiniary is the same up to my tour’s last day in Scotland).

  • 12 Feb 2011 justadream said


    Hey guys, there are so many different posts about this trip because its like three tours combined I think. I am just doing the Ireland part which starts the 30 April and goes to the 8th of May!!
    Kirsten, are you doing the rest of Europe on your own or still trying to book group tours?



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