clubs in LA -la to the bay

31 Aug 2009 Explorer1148730 said

im doing the LA TO THE BAY ON 30TH SEP 2009 and for that 1 day i will be underage...oct 1st is my 21st and i was wondering what clubs/bars would let me in...did anyone have this issue as a contiki customer? also when do clubs end on week nights...because im hoping to wait until 12pm so i can atleast have myself some birthday drinks
  • 10 Sep 2009 NZbound86 said


    hey hey… most clubs say you have to be 21 for at least an hour to get in. i know crazy but especially in big cities, they’re really touhg on standards. most clubs on weekdays close at like 2am and on weekends at 4am. well have fun on your trip



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