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What to do in LONDON!

11 Nov 2007 Leahh said

Hey<BR>Im getting to London a few days before my European Discovery tour starts.<BR>Ill be there starting Dec 16th<BR><BR>Just wondering what is there to do when you are alone in London?<BR><BR>Any "tourist musts" that I can do for a cheap price, that I wouldnt do on a contiki tour?<BR><BR>Thanks for your suggestions!
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  • 11 Nov 2007 ashleightara said


    Do an open top bus tour (like

    And check out

    There are heaps of major sites, but they are all listed on the big tourist sites and covered by the open top bus tours.

  • 11 Nov 2007 real_mccoy said


    There is a heap of stuff to do in London. I had three days there and planned them out. I have pasted my itinerary below. Be aware this was in Summer. I recommend going on the eye and if u can afford it and its ur thing go see a show.

    London Itinerary:

    Sat 25 August:
    Changing of the Guard (11.30am) Green Park
    Trafalgar Square
    Houses of Parliament Tour £12 Westminster
    Westminster Abbey £10 Westminster
    Hyde Park Hyde Park Corner
    Marry Poppins 7.30pm £45 Leicester Square

    Sun 26 August:
    Greenwich Market (7.30am – 5.30pm) DLR Greenwich
    Royal Observatory DLR Greenwich
    Covent Garden Covent Garden
    British Museum Russell Square
    Piccadilly Circus Piccadilly Circus

    Mon 27 August:
    St Pauls Cathedral (11am ‘Supertour’) Booking Req’d Call: 020 7246 8367 £12.50 St Pauls
    Tate Modern
    Tower Bridge/ Tower of London £16 Tower Hill
    London Eye 4.30pm Tour £16 Westminster
    7pm – Pre-tour meeting

    Tube – 3 Day Travelcard £16.40

  • 11 Nov 2007 JRubin said


    For ideas regarding nightlife and other social activites, you should pick up a copy of [edited]. It reviews in detail the best bars, pubs, clubs, parks, restaurants and anything else fun, social and exciting. It provides an interesting perspective on these social places, and even gives you information about the type of people you will find at each location. I think this book could really be helpful and add an interesting element to the other cultural activies you will experience.

  • 13 Nov 2007 jmalo said


    the best way to see london and gives you the most chances to see what you want would be to do an open buss tour like the big bus company its defintely the way to go if there isn’t anything that you really want to see and if you want to see it all

  • 14 Nov 2007 Amylee said


    Just wondering. during winter are the open bus tours still the way to go for sight seeing in London?? We’ll be there around the 8th of Jan 08 so it’s gonna be really cold and wet.

    ???? Any advice or info would be great!


  • 14 Nov 2007 Vee said


    Hi there,

    Living in London. I know and have done a hell of a lot.

    Free: Natural History Museum (Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year Expo – £9)
    Free: Science Museum (It’s actually prety cool)
    Free: British Museum (oldest free public museum in the world) It’s huge and has been going from 1732.
    Free: V & A Museum (huge and amazing collection of art work) not only paintings, iron work and tons of stuff.
    Free: National Gallery (famous paintings)
    Free: National Portrait Gallery (famous paintings and photos of famous people)
    Free: Changing of the Guards – Buckingham Palace. On most days get there at 10.30am latest for a good view.

    Must do: London Eye (£14 – £17) Cheaper after 5pm POV and London at night is often better.
    Must Do: Tower of London (Tour by a Beefeater) this is the best tour in the whole of London (£12 if I remember rightly)
    Must Do: HMS Belfast (£13 – you get a audio guide in the tour and it’s really cool).

    Must See: Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, Regents Park, Westminster Abbey (I wouldn’t go in), Big Ben (parliment – I wouldn’t go in), Tate Britain (older classic works), Tate Modern (newer works), Tower Bridge

    Might be disappointed: Madam Tussuads (£25 is alot of money to fight around the crowds for 3 hours and it’s really not THAT exciting)
    Might be disappointed: Bus Tour (£22 – Big Bus Co, £19 City Site Seeing) the traffic is crazy and doing one at winter is fine, there are partially covered busses if you sit in the front you’re protected. I’ve done it in Summer (June) and Winter (24 Dec) with visitors. And honestly I prefered Winter. But it’s not really THAT interesting, you’re better off buying a walking map and walking it takes just as long.

    Bear in mind a tube/bus pass for the day @ off peak travel is £6. Food and drink during the day will coz you min £15 and Dinner about £8 (really cheap). If you are going to go out drinking Soho and Vauxhall are the best areas (open late) Piccadilly is good too. Cost of drinks: Beer £4, Coktails £8 those are average prices. Clockrooms coz £1 per item, so jacket and handbag = £2. Entry fees to clubs are normally around £10 some can be £30 (China White).

    Any thing else I can help with or anything you’re thinking of gimme a shout. If you’ve got a specific attraction you wanna see I can tell you if I’ve been and what it’s like (pros and cons)


  • 14 Nov 2007 ashleightara said


    Amylee – In Winter the Big Bus Tours ( give you a ticket valid for 48hours instead of 24.

    Makes it a bit more worth it Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

    Also, it is possible to sit inside the buses too Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

    And from the website, (who have some really great walks) you can do their ‘rainy day tube walk’

    Designed for the days when its absolutely pouring, it minimises time outside and attempts to give you photo ops from under covered areas.

  • 14 Nov 2007 Amylee said


    Thanks heaps for that. The rainy day link was great

    Another question, is it just as easy to do your own sightseeing using the tube or because we only have a few days are we best to stick with the bus tours?? I know it’s cheaper but wondering if its worth the hassel.

    Thanks again Asleightara


  • 14 Nov 2007 ashleightara said


    I’m going in Winter and I’ve decided to do the tour, my research has told me that starting on a bus is better than the tube because you get better aquainted with the city.

    Its possible to ‘do’ your own bus tour using the London buses, but I can’t really be bothered :P

    I think for the cost of 11pounds/day the Big Bus Tour is worth it. Plus it includes a couple of walking tours and a short boat trip.

    And it looks like you’ll be arriving in London when I leave, my tour departs on Jan 2nd Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 14 Nov 2007 Chris1982 said


    I was there during this summer, I would suggest The British Museum (free), Tate Britian, London Eye (£17), Buckingham Palace, Big Ben. The large museums you can spend quite some time in, I spent 6.5 hours in the British Museum and didn’t even come close to seeing it all.

    I wanted to goto The Natural History Museum, but ran out of time… looked to be a cool place.

    I was lucky enough to go see a Musical while there, I would 110% suggest if you can afford it to go. If my memory is right it was £65 for my ticket.

    Most of all have fun, it is quite the city Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 14 Nov 2007 Jeremy said


    I’m going to have 3 days in London as well. My 2nd day im going to do a day tour of Stonehenge and King Arthurs Avalon. Everyone else has already listed the other sites im going to see while there, but I thought i’d throw out a day tour thats close!

  • 14 Nov 2007 Bridget said


    Be in London from the 29 to the 3rd. Maybe I’ll see some of you there. Can’t wait to see as much of London as possible!! :-)

  • 15 Nov 2007 Vee said


    Tube and walking vs Bus Tour.

    Trust me the bus tour will be boring after 1 day, who wants to spend 2 days on a bus anyway.
    The walks and cruise that come with the bus tour are not all that exciting (that’s why they are free). A day tube ticket for zone 1 – 2 costs £5.60 that means it’s £16 cheaper.

    I would say do the tube, it’s scarey but the staff are VERY helpful and the tube is way faster from point to point leaving you with more time to see the places you actually WANT to see instead of just driving past them.Plus the tube is such an experience, hell a system that’s 102 years old how can you not use it?!

    If you need any other help like which tube station to go to and how much stuff costs blah blah blah, feel free to IM me.


  • 24 Nov 2007 Leanne_in_Ontario said


    My vote is definitely for the Tube – it was one of my favourite parts about London. It’s so quick and easy to get around with.

    If you like shopping, there’s a little “Buckingham Palace Shop” behind Buckingham Palace that my sister and I spent tons of time and money in. We loved it there. We also went walking through Picadilly Circus which has great energy at night. If you like Starbucks, be sure to try “Costa Coffee” – I had some caramel crunch drink and it was better than any Starbucks I’ve had (and I love Starbucks)!

    You’ll have fun in London, it’s a great city!

  • 24 Nov 2007 cdm115 said


    If you’re looking to cram in as much as possible into a day and save money then the tube is a better choice.

    With the bus it’s more expensive, but you get to SEE more of the city, get a feel for the layout of it and get to hear some history/interesting facts about the city. It also requires less thought, you can decide as you go where you want to stop. And if you’re tired you can just ride around and chill a bit.

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