Skipping out on parts of tours?

8 Sep 2007 Jo* asked

I'm heading on one of the 20-something day tours of Europe and there's one part where we arrive in Prague, spend the next day in Prague and then the following day leave from Prague to Munich. We spend the night in Munich and then head out the next day.<BR><BR>I am considering leaving Prague a day early (so I'd arrive in Prague and spend one night there instead of two) and heading to Munich a day early. My boyfriend lives near there and I want to spend more than half a day with him, since it also takes him about an hour from where he is to get into Munich, and I probably won't get to see him until the end of November. I was thinking that I could meet up with the group when they arrive in Munich the next day and get all that accommodation/activities stuff settled then.<BR><BR>Does Contiki have a policy on people leaving a leg of a tour and then meeting up later? I can't imagine that I wouldn't be allowed to go, but what is the general impression on this sort of stuff? Thanks!

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