single room or shared...that is the question!

1 Jul 2008 xoxkelzxox said

hey<BR><BR>I have booked the scenic southern in october and i am in a single room....but im bit worried as i have heard its a bad idea and should have choosen shared.<BR><BR>can anyone shed some light??<BR><BR><BR>thanks
  • 12 Jul 2008 Bateup said


    It’ll have its pros n cons.

    You wil get far better rooms than the shared people. But you will miss out on a bit of the fun that goes down when you share with others. It’s a good way to meet people by bunking with them!!

  • 13 Jul 2008 sophc said


    me and my friend are on the grand explorer leaving christchurch 22.8.08 and we opted for twin share rather than quad. we thought it would be beta just in terms of not having to put up with people you mite not get along with or snorers! As for missing out on nocturnal fun, rooms have doors don’t they?

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