important things to pack going in winter??? (feb)

23 Apr 2008 soph3190 asked

just wondering if there was anything important and not widely known needed to take to europe in winter<BR>im going on the inspiration tour
  • 23 Apr 2008 Katiebee said


    I would recommend nose spray/cold and flu tablets. Once 1 person gets sick on the bus it only takes a couple of days for it to spread to everyone! You can buy these things on the road, but once you feel like crap it can be quite daunting to have to go find a chemist and try to explain what you want, especially since they usually keep these things behind the counter, you can’t just go and choose them off the shelf. My nose spray was such a blessing to me (I sound like I’m 80!) and every one on my tour would borrow it to take into the chemist to show them what they wanted!

  • 23 Apr 2008 soph3190 said


    thanx i wouldnt have thought of nose spray
    and you dont sound 80 lol its a god send at home for me lol



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