Backpack, sleeping bag and weight questions

15 Aug 2008 DavetheSlushy said

Hi, at this stage I'm planning on taking a backpack as I'm traveling by myself after my European Highlights tour. It's a Kathmandu Extrados with a semi-rigid contoured frame (pic to come). Would this be a no go?<BR><BR>Also, is the sleeping bag part of the 20kg limit?<BR><BR>Cheers<BR>Dave
  • 15 Aug 2008 Jeremy said


    I do not think a semi-rigid frame would be an issue considering I saw people with flat out suitcases, someone like mattyv will probably give a better answer for that though. The sleeping back is not part of the 20kg limit

  • 15 Aug 2008 ptooma said


    All of what Jeremy has said is correct … & yer Kathmandu is fine – bring it.

    - Vic



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