21 Oct 2007 Laurenic said

I have a large suitcase 75cm tall, 45 cm wide (girth when unexpanded is just under 30cm). I have 2 other small suitcases which came as a set with this large one and fit nicely inside it.<BR><BR>After my Simply Italy & Paris/London tours end at the end of November I will be residing in Greece possibly long term if I find work lol.<BR><BR>My plan is to put the smaller suitcases inside the main large one and fill them up. It will be as though im carrying just the 1 suitcase and as long as what I put inside doesnt go over 20kgs im thinking there shouldnt be a problem?<BR><BR>I wanted to bring these other small suitcases because I will definitely need them after I finih my tours. The measurements of my large suitcase seem to be in line with Contiki requirements and like I said on the outside it'll look like it's only 1 suitcase anyway and it wont be over 20kg.<BR><BR>Does this sound like an ok idea/plan?<BR><BR>Cheers!



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