Best of Europe (start Amsterdam) July 30th

15 Mar 2014 SoCalTraveler asked


Hi everyone, friend and I are doing the Best of Europe (start Amsterdam) on July 30th. Just wondering how many people were going on this trip as well. Or if anyone has been on this trip before and has any advice to give that'd be awesome too.


  • 17 Mar 2014 Irene Tedj said

    Irene Tedj

    Oh Amsterdam is such beautiful city! You’ll have so much fun, how long are you going for ? XX

  • 17 Mar 2014 Fatima said


    I’m doing the same tour (starting in Paris though) in June – I’ll pass along some suggestions when i return!

  • 18 Mar 2014 SoCalTraveler said


    Hi Irene. The tour is for 10 days.

    Hi Fatima. Paris is an great place. The view up from the Eiffel Tower is amazing, so is the Louvre. Have fun out there.



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