Beaches and Reefs HONEYMOON

7 Jul 2008 Explorer1105975 said

Me and my bf are planning to do the Beaches and Reefs trip for our honeymoon! We're a very adventurous, get up and go kinda couple so i'm 99% sure it's the right trip for us. But would love some advice from people about couples/honeymooners on contiki tours...<BR><BR>Also, how easy/expensive is it to book a twin share? Coz obviously we'll be wanting our own room! lol<BR><BR>Cat x
  • 7 Jul 2008 said



    You will fit in quite fine. I did the reefs and rainforest tour last july and we had about 4 or 5 couples on our tour.

    As for booking the twin share accomodation, it is really easy it’s an extra cost but worth it. I booked the twin share with my friend, and it gives you a lot more privacy. I paid about $400 extra to have the twin share, which I didn’t think was that bad considering I was down there for 20 days.




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