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Cost Of Travel Insurance

9 Jan 2008 Nath said

Gday all,<BR><BR>Like a lot of others, im planning a trip to Europe later in the year, and was wondering about the cost of travel insurance.<BR><BR>From those with travel experience, what is a standard price for travel insurance these days? <BR><BR>Thanks in advance for any help!<BR><BR>Nath
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  • 9 Jan 2008 MJ said


    Not sure where you are from but for a $3000 trip I paid $145 for trip insurance that covered everything. I use when I trvel. Its a good thing because my last trip in Sept my luggage got left at JFK. I didn’t get it back until 5 days later thankfully it was on the way home but they still gave me money for the claim because it had the majority of my good clothing in it.

  • 9 Jan 2008 Nath said


    im from australia, so might have to look around at some australian websites i guess.

    when you say it covered everything, i assume you mean medical as well?

    thanks for the help!

  • 9 Jan 2008 jennababe27 said


    Covermore Travel Insurance Plan
    For 36 days
    Price Per Adult $295


    For 36 days
    Price Per Adults $209

    i think we’re going Covermore becuase it covers alot more than the other one Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->
    We got the lil pamphlet things from the lady we’re going through at flight centre

  • 9 Jan 2008 su_doof said



    i just booked my flights and tour with fligthcentre for May 2008. I got travel insurance for $129 pp.. for 3 weeks coverage. Seems to cover everything.

  • 10 Jan 2008 Sue-ellen said


    It varied really. Depending on how long your gone for, where you are going etc etc. I did all my bookings for my whole trip through flight centre, including my insurance. I found them very helpful. I am going on an around the world trip, so as i was also going to America the insurance went up a lot. I booked in October, so there was the Expo on. If you can find times like that to book, it helps, as you can save a lot on your travel expenses. In all i paid somewhere between 650-700 dollars after the discount. At first that sounded like a lot to me. But this is full coverage, including my health and wellbeing, safety, luggage, taking care of me if something happens to me on my tours etc etc. I went this way, as this is my first time overseas also, and now i am not worried at all if something goes wrong, as i will be looked after. Feel free to email me with further questions.

  • 10 Jan 2008 MJ said


    yes it covers medical. Though you might have to pay some out of pocket cost for medical then send the form from the dr to the trip insurance compay. Just make sure the agent goes over the details like that with you.

  • 10 Jan 2008 Explorer1080632 said


    Seems very well priced to most others and covers pretty much everything possible. Its is only available for Australians and New Zealanders and is only available on the net. Very easy to to get a free quote online and only takes about a minute. The longer the trip the less you pay. I’m staying in uk/europe after contiki and for the 10 months it is $591 australian. Its worth a look. Its cheaper than many others as they do not pay sales commissions as they are predominantly online or have to pay for advertising costs.
  • 10 Jan 2008 Nicky said


    I booked through flight center so I got the RBC Bank insurance. I think it was about $200 but don’t quote me on that. It covered everything. Even if I drop my camera they will pay for a replacment.


  • 10 Jan 2008 PinaI said


    Nath – ask your travel agent for insurance options as they might be able to get it for you as part of your trip.

    If you are paying your trip with a VISA card of some sort then some include free travel insurance, check that out too.

    STA travel insurance is generally pretty cheap and very comprehensive, I have booked with them a few times now and never had a problem when claiming (got bronchitis in the US)!

  • 10 Jan 2008 Nath said


    Thanks for all your help guys, much appreciated!Definitely gives me some options to look at, doesnt sound too pricey really, im only looking at going for around a month so shouldnt cost much more than $300-350 by the sounds of it.

    Seems easier to go through the travel agent and get it in one package hey.

    Thanks again all, love your work!

  • 16 Jan 2008 Janie said


    I’m spending 53 days travelling all up (UE May 11th). This includes flying and everything I do before and after the tour. It’s costing me $368 and that includes all medical and theft, luggage the lot. Also includes if the airline and contiki (god forbid) goes bust. I got this through my travel agent flight centre. I’ve have private health insurance and even with the discount i get with them flight centre was still the better option. I would do a lot of research before you get insurance and just pick whats most comfortable for you.

  • 16 Jan 2008 Nath said


    Duly noted, thanks for the advice! Sounds like there are some affordable options out there, i was worried that either a) i wouldnt be able to find something with the appropriate level of cover, or b) it would cost a too much.

    Thankfully you’ve all eased my mind, cheers Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 16 Jan 2008 LittleMiss said



    I got 32 days of cover for $161 travel insurance direct…over the net, for aussies & nz

  • 16 Jan 2008 Nath said


    yeah i got a snappy quote froom their website just before, i got a similar figure. it seems to cover everything, and is rather cheap! anyone used this before?

  • 17 Jan 2008 *nikki_adelaide* said


    I paid $221 for just under 6 weeks. Covermore Essentials.

  • 12 Feb 2012 ExplorerJeff said

    when looking for travel insurance make sure you look at what is included in the policy not just the price because the policy inclulsion detemines the cost of the actuaaly travel insurance. Look at the essentials like emergency medical cost, lost of luggage and personal belongings, cover for cancellation due to illness,injury or other reason etc. also look at your itinerary to see what sort of activites you might do while away like skydiving or some sort of adventure activity as not all policies cover for these sort of thing and the policy prices will go up as your doing an adventure sport. in all read each policy in full before determining which one suites you best and shop around for a good price both retail and online travel insurance.
  • 13 Mar 2012 Bec14 said


    ive travelled quite a bit in the past few years and every time i use covermore. they are fantastic, you can go onto their website and get a quote straight away just by entering basic details, your age, what country you will be in most and your travel dates.
    of my trips this is roughly what its cost me with covermore:
    ASIA – 4 weeks $140
    NZ – 1 week $35
    VANUATU – 1 week $49
    USA/MEXICO – 4 weeks – $129 (with a 10% discount)
    NZ – 1 week $79 (this one though we had skiing and motorbikes included)
    EUROPE – 4 weeks $125
    keep in mind you need to specify if you will be skiing or motorbike riding etc as these arnt covered in basic coverage.

    out of these trips ive had some issues where ive needed to claim.
    my USA one, my flight got cancelled and as a result i lost a nights accomodation and the airport transfer which were prebooked. we got this cost back minus our $100 excess and also got $500 flight credit with the airline for each person.

    my NZ the second one this one was alot of travel insurance and i am so thankful i had it for this trip particulary. we went when the recent (2011) earthquakes hit christchurch and the massive ash cloud etc.
    so first off, our flights got cancelled (loss of a nights accomodation and airport transfer), then next flight delayed, even though we went in ski season there was no snow in queenstown and all skiing was cancelled (loss of aprox $1200 worth of ski packages for 2 people) and then our flight to christchurch got cancelled and then flight back to aus got cancelled (resulting in extra nights accomodation and $800 each just to get a seat the next day with air new zealand (due to ash cloud) )
    so in all, this trip alone we would have lost about $3500 if we didnt have our insurance. from this costs, we got all of it back except $100 excess.

    i definalty agree when travel agents say if you cant afford travel insurance you cant afford to travel. i cant reccommend them highly enough.
    all claims took aprox 2 weeks to be re-imbursed.

    hope this helps :)

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