Suggestions for South America Tour 2014-2015

17 Mar 2014 Irene Tedj asked

Irene Tedj

Hey all!

I've never been to South America before and I was wondering what are the best tour to pick?
I'm just planning my tours and do heaps of research at the moment, anyone could suggest month is the best go to South America:)?


  • 7 Aug 2014 edeleonn said


    Hi Irene,
    I too havent ever been and plan on travelling in 2015 (alone).
    Ive looked into it and it seems like the Adventurer is the best one.
    Just abit scared traveling alone for 25 days :(


  • 8 Sep 2014 Rikki Yeowart said

    Rikki Yeowart

    Hi girls :)

    I am doing some tours next year in South America because I travel alone to and Contiki is just the best/ safest way to do it. I am doing Ecuador & Galapagos Island Hopper tour 2nd – 12th Feb and The Adventurer after that with Carnival inbetween :)
    Please contact me on here or add me on Facebook ( Rikki Yeowart )

  • 1 Mar 2015 Georgi said


    Hey Everyone!

    Looks like I’m in the same boat as you guys! First time travelling overseas by myself as I’m only 18! I’m going over to SA for the Adventurer (start Lima) on the 8th May, and I really have no idea what I’m doing! Haha :/

    Are any of you guys been yet? Or going around the same time?



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