Footwear for Vietnam

18 Mar 2014 climber2020 asked


Question for anyone who has recently done the Vietnam Experience tour: would I be okay with just a pair of sandals and no other shoes for this tour? They're heavy duty hiking sandals (Chacos if anyone is interested) that I have comfortably worn on many prior vacations. Oh, and I'm a guy if that makes any difference.

Are there any sites on this tour that would require me to bring real shoes? I pack light and would prefer to only bring one pair of footwear if it is reasonable to do so.


  • 29 Mar 2014 Mehal said


    Hey mate. Just got back from this tour. Its an amazing experience. In terms of footwear I recommend flip flops and sandals/a pair of canvas shoes (vans type shoes) for night. Its pretty chilled out most places.

  • 30 Mar 2014 climber2020 said


    Thanks for the info! I’ll bring along a pair of converse shoes along with the sandals.



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