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washing clothes

2 Nov 2009 Explorer1155244 said

hey<BR>just wondering im going on my tour soon and some places im only staying for 1 night... where do you wash your clothes and stuff<BR><BR>sorry if this is a stupid question
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  • 2 Nov 2009 JenShep said


    Laundrys if you can find them.

    On my tour only one person mangaged to find somewhere wash there cloths and it took 3-4hrs and was expensive, as lot of the laundry’s will not let you wash your own cloths you have to pay them to do it.

    Sugestion: as you are going in the cooler months just take enough cloths to cover half the tour and where the same things twice or more. Just remember lots of underwear and deoderant.

  • 3 Nov 2009 Explorer1155244 said


    crap…. dammit I only wear my clothes once… this will be hard to do


  • 5 Nov 2009 Nikkers said


    hi! mostly clothes were washed in the bathroom sinks/baths and hung with coat hangers & the mini circular peg hanger i brought myself. Jeans & thicker items need at least a 2 night stay to dry properly.
    We found the laundromats a bit pricey and most of my tour did the bathroom wash and held out for the longer stays! Good luck Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 8 Nov 2009 Sam said


    Hey Explorer1155244

    I’ve purchased for my European discovery trip in January, paper laundry soap sheets. You can buy them in a pack of 30, and that’s what I will be using to wash my underwear whilst holidays for 2 weeks. Just google it, there’s plenty of places that sell them. At this time of year in Europe, you aren’t going to sweat, so with good deodorant on, you shouldnt need to wash your clothes all the time. Just air them out at night.

    Sam Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 13 Nov 2009 Lauren said


    I was so worried about this before my contiki as I am a very girly girl who did like clean, washed and ironed clothes. Well that all changed! I generally washed my underwear and socks in the shower each night and when we had a bathtub in our bathroom I did handwashing in that (I brought some travel packs of washing powder with me) But mostly I was just airing out jumpers and jeans each night. As a souvenir from each country I brought a t-shirt so generally had a new shirt each day!

  • 13 Nov 2009 Cruisey said


    I went in the warmer months but hand washing is generally the go. You don’t want to be wasting time looking for a laundry either.
    If your in Australia then korjo has like a little washing kit which has liquid wash, a clothes line, a mini sewing kit and i think there was a blow up coat hanger as well.
    You just wash things and hang them in the bathroom. Make sure you have a plastic bag or something so that if they aren’t dry then you can hang them up again at the next place.

  • 14 Nov 2009 Cali Kay said


    Great Tips!!! Thanks so very much. I’ll be in Eupore for 2 weeks during the cold months of April and was really worried about this issue as we have weight limits on clothes!! I will defintly look into the paper laundry soap sheets.

  • 15 Nov 2009 cdm115 said


    I would never wear something twice here at home. But on tour, as long as things didn’t get sweaty, dirty, or smelly – who has time for laundry? Ok, I did wash stuff, but I would wear things twice. I brought some thiner athletic shirts as part of my clothes – they wash and dry faster then cotton.

  • 15 Nov 2009 Courtney said


    Hi Sam,

    Thanks for the tip on the laundry soap sheets! they sound like a great idea for washing small items in a sink. I have googled them and they sound fantastic! better than laundry powder going all through ur luggage! Can you only buy them online or do shops sell them too? thanks Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 15 Nov 2009 Mel the aussie said

    Mel the aussie

    well i live in townsville australia and we have a shop called wild here (i dont know if it global or australia wide or just here) and they hav paper hand soap, laundry soap, shaving foam and shampoo… so they hav basically everythin u need in those paper strips… they look like listerine packets only a bit bigger lol

  • 16 Nov 2009 Courtney said


    thanks mel! i live in bendigo, victoria cant say i have seen a shop called wild down here. i might go have a look in priceline or some where like that. just wasnt sure if they were sold in shops coz i could only find websites where you can buy them online.
    thanks heaps for your help!

  • 17 Nov 2009 Viv & Chris said


    That’s an awesome tip!! Thanks …. i had actually called Contiki a while back & they told me that probably it was going to be very hard to find places to do laundry + expensive …. so i had decided just wash the essentials (undies, socks, etc) everyday … getting those Laundry Paper sheets are gonna help keeping stuff smelling clean … also, i Google the Laundry Sheets & came accross Shampoo, COnditioner, Soap, Body wash, etc. also as “disolving sheets”…. can be a good idea to also get specially with the luggage restrictions … found this website (i’m in Florida-USA)…-–Feed-_-CSE-Text

    I’m taking the European Encounter tour – Dec. 18, 2009!! Can’t wait.

  • 30 Nov 2009 Gold Coast_Kel said

    Gold Coast_Kel is also a good site to look at for all you aussies

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