Anyone doing Reefs & Rainforest June 8??

23 Mar 2014 cgregg asked


Or has anyone gone to Australia during the winter? Not sure what type of weather to expect and what to pack! Any tips would be appreciated :)

  • 28 Mar 2014 Kane Ernst` said

    Kane Ernst`

    Hi there.
    Im from Australia, Far North Queensland actually. I grew up near Port Douglas, I imagine you will be going there. Winter is the perfect time of year to vist. We don’t really get a winter. The lowest it gets is around 8 or 9 degress celsius and that is mostly at night and early mornings. During the day it is a beautiful 18-23 degress.
    When you explore the daintree and the rainforist it does get very humid.
    I would pack a couple pairs of long pants, Light long sleeved shirts for sun protection on the reef. But in terms of the cold a light coat or jacket would be fine.
    have fun



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