CLOTHES TO TAKE - Photos attached

9 Sep 2007 *nikki_adelaide* said

hi all, i did 25 day European Escapade ...had plenty of chances to pay to have our washing done.

If anyone wants advise on anything regarding contiki im happy to help!

noticed there are always alot of posts about what to wear on the more dressy nights out in Europe and just about what clothes to take in general, i was also curious before i did my tour. so ive attached photos to make it a little easier.

As it was summer, alot of the girls wore dresses, but also black pants were good. I took a pair of black pants and 4 dressy tops for my 25 day tour...also a great idea was a 3/4 black cardi to take out at night.

definately opt for a comfy pair of strappy shoes for summer - heels are a bad idea.

guys - take 1 tie that will match all the shirts you take. it will take up next to no space.

Most girls wore jeans, shorts or casual dresses. The guys went with jeans or other pants/shorts.

You are literally on the bus all day, most of the time you just want to sleep. Its really all about what you're comfortable in, some wore jeans, shorts etc...but most of us wore track pants

Days spent exploring the city...Most girls wore casual drsses, shorts, jeans etc and t shirts/ tank tops.
guys wore shorts, jeans etc and t shirts.

*just take 3* fight the temptation to take more than this, i assure you you will pick more shoes up along with way.

take a pair of thongs/flip flops i wore these most of the time as it was hot, get havianas as they dont hurt your feet

1 pair walking shoes...i took my cons, something that you are comfortable walking/bike riding etc in.

1 pair 'going out shoes', i took some black strappy wedges, these were awesome as they are super light, dont have a heel to get stuck in the nasty cobble stones

Rely on bringing your bottoms (jeans, short etc) from home but dont go overboard on your tops...London & all over Europe there are some awesome cheap H&M, top shop etc that you'll go crazy in for tops, you can buy them and wear them on tour.

If your doing a concept tour like i did, where most of the time you are staying in cabins at campsties, take some sort of casual dress to wear to and from the showers...they are a pain in the butt and you always get all your new clothes wear the dress or shorts or whatever to and from the showers and get dressed in your room.
  • 9 Sep 2007 hella said


    wow, this is great!!
    thank you so much for it, it was very helpful,
    although i wish someone would do something liek this for a winter tour!!

  • 9 Sep 2007 lilly84 said


    what about if you’re going in winter? how many sweater/long sleeves? italy in dec/jan- do i need gloves/scarves?

  • 9 Sep 2007 Jess said


    That was brilliant Nikki. Can anyone provide a similar guide for a winter tour, especially with pics? I know there are heaps of posts on here re clothes but having pics really helps! Thanks =)

    Jess – European Vista – Dec 28

  • 9 Sep 2007 Bliss Madonna said

    Bliss Madonna

    that was really helpful – a winter version would be super!

  • 10 Sep 2007 Nichorocks said


    Hey Nikki
    Yeah aewsome post I don’t think there is one anything like urs so thanks heaps. As every1 else is saying if anyone has been on a winter tour and can provide the same sort of thing that would be great

  • 10 Sep 2007 Meow said


    Nikki, you are the best! Thank you so much for your info coz I am scratching my head on outfits.

    Many thanks!

  • 15 Dec 2008 Malaniya said


    That’s really helpful Nikki, Thanks!

  • 16 Dec 2008 Sarah M said


    Hi Nikki
    I’ve got a question that is off the topic but …
    I main thing I’m wondering is with the quick dry towels – did you have trouble with them not being dry in time to pack up? What did you do???

  • 23 Dec 2008 Velly4 said

    Originally posted by Sarah M:
    Hi Nikki
    I’ve got a question that is off the topic but …
    I main thing I’m wondering is with the quick dry towels – did you have trouble with them not being dry in time to pack up? What did you do???

    Go with a quick dry. Its a must. I found it hard enough to get them to dry right out so a normal towel would have been a nightmare!

  • 24 Dec 2008 cdm115 said


    If you look at the travelogues from winter tours, look at the picture of people going out at night, that should give you some ideas of what to wear.

  • 6 Jan 2009 oooteresa said


    I just went on European Discovery (12 days) in December so here’s my winter dressing/packing advice as I think I did pretty well.

    FYI – We didn’t have many opportunities to do laundry…so pack wisely. I highly recommend a travel Febreeze or some sort of fabric freshener spray. Came in very handy!

    Definitely pack hats, scarves, and gloves. It was cold and sometimes rainy. I had a rainproof type jacket which I recommend but not everyone had one. If you don’t, bring a small umbrella. I packed 2 jackets…one warm raincoat and one dressier. I had about 5 sweaters (packed in a compression bag…a pain but handy to save room in my suitcase) and a few solid long sleeve cotton shirts to mix and match. One thing I wish I had more of were jeans. I brought 4 pairs. With early mornings, late nights, and long days on the bus they got incredibly stretched out. They’re the one item you can’t really wash in the sink b/c they take forever to dry and aren’t comfortable when air-dried. If you have room…pack as many as possible!

    As for shoes, I brought 3. Ugg boots that I wore pretty much everyday, a pair of sneakers, and a pair of black heals. Sometimes I wish I had dressier boots like some of the girls b/c you go from walking around cities and then straight to dinner or bars but for the most part they were ok. The Uggs were comfortable and warm which was most important.

    None of the bars we went to were super dressy. You can pretty much get away with anything. The tuscan dinner and disco I wore jeans, a dressier top, and heals which was perfect. The Moulin Rouge I expected to be dressier so I bought a dress in Italy but turns out it wasn’t totally necessary. Nice pants and a nice top will do…but it was still fun to be dressed up. Everywhere else, anything goes.

    Most days we went straight from the bus to walking around the cities w/out stopping at the hotel first so unfortunately you need to dress early in the morning for what you’d like to walk around the city in later in the day. Kind of a pain sometimes.

    Pack tons of underwear and socks. I packed old stuff and threw it away as I went. Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> Eventually it made more room in my suitcase for little souvenirs.

    Good luck!

  • 8 Jan 2009 sarah88 said


    Hi Nikki,

    I’ve been reading a lot of forums about what to take (and what not to take!) and this is the first one with pictures and it makes such a difference for people like me who haven’t been to Europe before.

    I love shoes so I will definitely be fighting the temptation to bring 10 different pairs with me!! But we must be practical Big Grin<!--graemlin::D-->

    Thanks so much!

  • 14 Jan 2009 perpetualsound said


    I love flip flops but they always end up hurting my feet. I have a pair of Reefs but I have never heard of Havianas. Has anyone ever had both? What would you prefer?


  • 14 Jan 2009 Swarda said

    Originally posted by perpetualsound:
    I love flip flops but they always end up hurting my feet. I have a pair of Reefs but I have never heard of Havianas. Has anyone ever had both? What would you prefer?


    I have both pairs. Reefs are more of your dressier thong, mine are leather. Havianas are your standard rubber sole. They are a lot more comfortable and can wear all day, but look cheap thats all.

  • 28 Jan 2009 Kirst ** said

    Kirst **

    nikki! I cannot thank you enough, i’ve been stressing on what to pack…but so so true that I am going to shop up a storm along the way Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> ahh this has been so so helpful, i am now sooo excited! One question any one done european whirl are there some dressier occasions? xx

  • 4 Mar 2009 El said


    Hey!! This is so great guys, well done on taking the time to do this 2 help ppl like me Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

    oooteresa esp. Im off on a winter wanderer in 2 weeks and ur advice here is awesome!! Thanks!!

  • 5 Mar 2009 steve said


    what about places like the monte carlo casino,will jeans and a nice shirt be okay???

  • 5 Mar 2009 Alexi85 said


    Hey guys I’m lexie and im from the gold coast. Im 23, single and will be doing the european vista tour.

    Just a general question here.

    I have read a few comments from people saying they wish they had booked single rooms on their previous trips. I have heard that it can issolate you from everyone but at the same time it would be good to have a place to chill out in after a long day.

    Could anyone advise whether it would be a good idea to book a single?

    any advise would be great. cheers ; ) lex

  • 5 Mar 2009 chickadee2309 said


    Hi Alexis,

    I’m doing the Euro Vista tour tooo….what date are you going?

    I’m 23 from Melb going with another friend the same age.

  • 5 Mar 2009 Alexi85 said


    hey there chicka,

    I’m booked for the 14th July and I’m going on my own, I ended up booking a single for both the european vista and the best of USA tour.

    What dates r u guys going?



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