Luggage for China and Thailand

25 Mar 2014 SHAUNA asked


From past experience what would be a recommendation a suitcase or a duffle? Pros and Cons of each. I am doing back to back tours China first followed by Thailand East.

  • 25 Mar 2014 SHAUNA said


    I am starting to save for my tour in 2015 I was wonder how much you all would recommend for spending money. I was thinking 125 USD a day for China and Hong Kong and 75 USD a day for Thailand. I will be in China for 14 total days and Thailand for 12 total days. Hotel airfare and optional are not included I shop more than I drink

  • 6 Apr 2014 Donald_Kramer said


    I was thinking of doing the Asian Adventure and China Adventure tours sometime around April and May of next year. I have been to Europe, Australia and New Zealand and used a wheeled suitcase. However, those were big groups with a big bus and it sounds like Asian tours are smaller groups with smaller buses so I’m not sure what would be best. I would probably take something that you could fit everything you need but that is still pretty easy to carry.



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