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15 Aug 2008 CherrySA said

Hi all <BR><BR>I found this somewhere on the website... <BR><BR>I just wanted to know if the time includes the 45min rest stops every 2 hours?<BR><BR>Any info would be great!<BR><BR>Euro Discovery Travel Time:<BR><BR>London to Dover 2hrs, Ferry over to Calais 1.5 hrs, Calais to Netherlands border 3 hrs, Netherlands border to hotel 1.5hs (sometimes a little less, sometimes a little more depending on traffic).<BR><BR>London to Amsterdam Total Travel Time: 8 hrs (you can also choose to join the tour in Amsterdam if you like)<BR><BR>Amsterdam to Rhine Valley roughly 5 hrs<BR><BR>Rhine Valley to Munich roughly 5.5 hours<BR><BR>Munich to Tyrol roughly 1.5 hours<BR><BR>Tyrol to Venice 5 hours - very nice drive thru the Tyrolean and South Tyrolian and Dolomite mountains<BR><BR>Venice to Rome 5.5 hours<BR><BR>Rome to Florence 3 hours<BR><BR>Florence to Lucerne roughly 7 hours<BR><BR>Lucerne to Paris roughly 8.5 hours<BR><BR>Paris to Calais 4 hrs, Ferry Calais to Dover ferry 1.5 hrs and Dover to London 2hours<BR><BR>Paris to London Total Travel Time: 7.5 hrs (you can chose to finish your tour in either Paris or London)
  • 22 Apr 2012 CaliGirl said


    This is a great post for those who dont have much patience and know what to expect. have you done this tour before? i havent but will be leaving for it soon! side note, you also have the option to take the eurostar (2.5 hours) from paris to london when the tour ends!!

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