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what do you wish you'd known?

4 Sep 2007 perthbeachgirl asked

Hi,<BR><BR>I saw this post on the Eurpoe message board and thought it was great.<BR><BR>What do you wish you'd known when you went away?<BR><BR>Any little USA tibits,<BR>things you missed and wish you'd done?<BR>had taken less of?<BR>had taken more of?<BR>chose not to pack- but then desperatly needed or<BR>did take, but never used?<BR><BR>For those seasoned travelers, please help us newbies <BR>:-)<BR><BR>Cheers all
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  • 5 Sep 2007 Nina said



    That is a difficult question. I must admit…. there was nothing I really missed out on. I am sorry that I did pack my hair dryer because most of the hotels had hair dryers. I also know that most of the girls packed their thongs (flip flops) and were sorry that they didn’t bring at least one pair of smart shoes.

    Looking back…. I never knew that I would drink so much water (I went in the middle of Summer)!!!

    And their are a few things that I am sorry I didn’t but in the USA. I saw a really saw 2 really nice tops in New York that I am still sorry I never bought.

    Best advice… relax and have fun.


  • 25 Sep 2007 Ben said


    My advice would be to pack light.
    You can always buy things that you need and don’t have.
    Good walking shoes/sneakers are a must.
    A warm top – even if it is in summer, it is good to use as a blanket on an air conditioned bus.
    I bought a pillow (on advice from this website) at one of eth shops over there and left it on the bus, and it was great.
    And like Nat said just have fun, it will be one of the best times of your life.

  • 5 Oct 2007 Blue79 said


    Any little USA tidbits,
    bottles of spirits are cheap compared to Australia – there’s a supermarket ~ 10 mins walk from the LA hotel with really good prices if starting there, just take a left turn going out the driveway past reception (you’ll walk through a residential area for a bit, this is right). It’s in the building behind Taco Bell.
    they don’t appear to have heard of lemon squash (lift / solo etc.) although “lemonade” is sort-of like flat lift
    serving sizes are generally huge in restaurants

    things you missed and wish you’d done?
    full day helicopter tour at the Grand Canyon (it was really windy that day, and they couldn’t promise to pick us up) – turns out the flight to Vegas from there was <$100, so even if we’d been stranded, it wouldn’t have been a hassle!

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