HELP!! Europe vs USA in $$$

23 Oct 2007 perthbeachgirl said

Hi all,

I have a problem. Is the USA cheaper than Europe? During june/ July?

I have a choice of going to US and doing a contiki and staying on for about 3-4weeks on my own in LA and NYC, or I can go on a europe contiki and then stay on in London and spend some extra time in Paris and the UK.

Flights into the US for the stopovers i want to make will cost around AU$3000 in taxes, but to fly to Europe is AU$2000inc taxes.

This is a big difference. However- I have heard acc and food is much more expensive in Europe. I converted 3000 aussie dollars on the net into Euros and ended up with like 13 or 1400 Euros- panic!

I dont mind either way- but can anyone offer advice on generally how expensive each place is? Would the $1000 difference go really quickly in europe? is daily living more expensive in london and stuff than NYC and LA?

thanks so much



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