How much money do i need?

1 Jun 2007 ReneeH asked

Hi I am thinking of going on the European Inspiration tour in Feb 08 and was just wondering how much spending money i should have??
  • 1 Jun 2007 Steftacular said


    I’ve heard the general rule of thumb is 100 Euros a day….

  • 1 Jun 2007 Talia said


    Hey Renee
    I’m going on this trip in December (yay!) I think spending money depends on the person themselves…100 euros a day is probably the best ammount to aim for, It should cover general sightseeing, light meals and a few impulse purchases.
    Before you leave suss out what optionals you want to do/not do and have a seperate budget/credit card to pay for that sort of stuff…when I did a trafalgar tour I found I got a caught out on paying for the optional extras (believe me they add up quickly!), and I also got caught out paying for things like food & drink, although its good it go for a really nice lunch I sometimes found that by stocking up on the free breakfast I didn’t need to spend much on food during the day.
    Have a great trip…I’ll let you know how mine goes Smiler



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