Too Many choices - please help!

30 May 2006 Andrea_111 said

Hey there!

I want to do a European tour, but don't know which one!
I want to see as much as possible but at the same time I don't want to be too rushed! I would love to go on the Ultimate European tour but don't think I would have the time so I have been looking at the European Escapade.

Can anyone who has been on this tour (or similar) give me some guidance as to what it is like?

Also, I may or may not be going with a friend, is it hard going by yourself? How many people are generally on each tour?

Also, what is the accommodation like on the concept tours?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Andrea Smiler
  • 30 May 2005 Bourbon boy said



     How you goin.
     I am booked on the ultimate european departing 30th July. How rude my name is simon from western aus. I think you should be definately coming on this trip. The more the merrier. Hope to see you there.
     From what I believe most people on each tour are lonesome travellers so it’s a great chance to meet interesting and new people.

  • 31 May 2005 ptooma said


    Try to pick a our that stays in a place for 2 nights if you don’t want to feel rushed. One night is quite hectic when you also include all the travelling time on the coach.

    See what a tour is like – read the travelogues section.

    Tours are around 38-50 ppl.

    - Vic

  • 31 May 2005 Andrea_111 said


    Thanks everyone for your help!

    I greatly appreciate it and it has helped me a lot in making my decision!

    If you feel there is anything else I should know feel free to send me a message!





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