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21 Apr 2008 JeffersonNYSE said

Obviously this is a concern to many, just wondering if anyone uses small luggage locks on their day packs and whetether this is practical? Also with regards to carrying cash/credit cards we all know of the money belt solution, but has anyone had success wearing a lanyard around your neck with small pouch on it? Was just thinking that might work too.
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  • 21 Apr 2008 Curtis71 said


    1. For my backpack, I used little carabiners to hook the zippers together most of the time as a deterrent. When I was in super-dense tourist crowds, I actually did put tiny little combination locks on the zippers for security.

    2. For the neck-pouch thing, I highly recommend the PacSafe PouchSafe carrier. The neckstrap is steel-reinforced so if a pickpocket tries to lift and cut the string, they will not succeed. I found it to be a good method.

  • 21 Apr 2008 MJ said


    I agree with Curtis on the Pacsafe bags I have a couple and they are great. Look like everyday bags and are very safe and difficult to get into. I’ve never had problems.

  • 22 Apr 2008 Katiebee said


    I was very paranoid about pickpockets after reading alot of the posts on this site about what super safe bags to take etc, but after actually doing a tour of europe i would say that i now feel really silly.

    Its not actually so bad, if you have your wallet in your back pocket, or are walking around with your backpack unzipped, then yes you are a target.

    But if you know where your belongings are and are paying attention to people around you then you will be fine.

    I did take a money belt, which i just kept slung over one shoulder around my neck, i didn’t hide it or wear it under my clothes. Most of the time i just kept it in my handbag.

    Yes I am a girl so i just took a handbag that you can wear over one shoulder around you neck and wore it in front of my body. This is probably the best option for girls with handbags, or guys with bags to take a satchel type of bag that you can wear in front of your body.

    Some people on our tour did take backpacks, but certain places you go they either suggest that you wear them in front of you (like a fake pregnant belly styles) or sometimes you actually have to wear them like that (Anne Franks house) so to avoid looking like a plonker, just take a satchel.

    My husband had a wallet which he kept in his front pocket the whole holiday with no problems.

    So please don’t feel too paranoid and don’t spend fortunes importing state of the art non attack bags, the pickpockets really don’t have the super natural powers that i thought they might do before i left!

  • 22 Apr 2008 Lauren87 said


    We have a Pacsafe neck pouch one and they seem really good, all slash-proof and everything. My fiance will wear it under his shirt.

    We also have a Pacsafe messenger type bag – think its a Courier 100? or 200? Not sure. It has heaps of compartments and really hard to get into, slash-proof and everything. It actually has a combination lock on it too so you can attach it to something to be a bit safer. I will carry it across the body in front of me. We also got Pacsafe slash-proof straps for our camera bag (video camera & digital camera).

    So in answer to your question, yeah I would go the neck pouch thing Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 23 Apr 2008 Miss Jane said

    Miss Jane

    Hey Guys
    Just thought I’d add. What others have said is great. I tend to be a person that likes to feel secure but also not stand out.
    I personally wouldn’t use a backpack unless you really have to. They tend to scream ‘tourist’ and because they are on your back are easier to pick pocket. As said previously you can wear them on your front but that gets quite annoying after awhile. If using one I would use a small combination lock on them, particularly in places like Spain and Italy…

    I would use an across the body bag as a day bag. Both guys and girls can use these and I find thye are much more comfortable because you can kinda walk around with them across your fron so you always have an eye on them. Pacsafe are good & I’ve also found Hedgren bags are good too. I borrowed one for my last trip and liked it so much I bought myself one. They are a little pricey but totally worth it. They last forever, can be washed in the washing machine and have all shapes and sizes ( or—113_Handbags_Luggage_Hedgren__fs_10141_e__)

    I also use a money pouch sort of thing. Not all the time but in places where I feel I need it. I use one by go gear. They are kinda across your body too. They can sit underneath or on top of clothes and sit kinda under your arm/shoulder..

    Don’t worry too much just go as prepared as you can and be watchful….Hope this helps you out a little…

  • 24 Apr 2008 SomethingShiny said


    As a lady, I brought my normal purses with not long straps that have clasps on the front, and I wore them so that the clasps were hugged against my body. It was great because I didn’t have to buy anything extra, and no one could get in without going underneath my armpit.

  • 29 Apr 2008 JeffersonNYSE said


    Still debating about with way to go security wise. Backpack, messenger type bag, or nothing at all. I’m considering bringing some expensive photograpic equipment, and just not sure how to keep it safe. I was thinking something like this might work

    Thoughts anyone?

  • 29 Apr 2008 MJ said


    I’d get a combo photo backpack smaller size. I brought a lot of photo equipment but used my pacsafe day bag the citysafe 200 was good for me. There are some nice smaller ones I’ve been looking at at They hold a digital slr and 3 lenses in the bottom and your junk in the top for about $110 us.

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