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20 May 2010 Ireland Septeber 2010!! said

Does this tour stop at the Waterford Crystal Factory??<BR><BR>Are we to bring Pounds & Euro's (Northern Ireland currency is the pound)?<BR><BR>Would you reccommend to bring more than 100 euro's per day?
  • 5 Jul 2010 smk776 said


    I just returned from the 9-day Ireland tour and no, the tour does not stop at the Waterford Crystal Factory.

    As far as the currency, there was only one day where we needed to have pounds and that of course was the day we were in Belfast/Londonderry. When we reached Belfast, we had a toilet break and an opportunity to get pounds from the ATM machine. After that day, we were back on the Euro.

    As far as Euros per day, it would really depend. There were 2 nights where dinner was on our own, plus lunch is on your own everyday. There’s also your souvenirs. Depending on how much you plan to drink, you’ll need enough Euro for that (some places charge 3-5 euros for each pint).

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