NZ Questions.

21 Feb 2007 Vivz said

Hey Everyone<BR><BR>I'm needin a helpin hand. <BR>I'm really wanting to travel on the Grand Explorer in September 2007. I'll probably be goin alone, its gonna be a first for me. <BR>Just a few questions..<BR><BR>Spring in NZ.. Is it quite cold, or warm? I live in Perth - so I'm use to the heat. Should I be mainly packin jumpers, and jeans?<BR>Should I be using a backpack, or suitcase with wheels?<BR><BR>I wanna try skiing in Queenstown - Do you know approx ammount it'll be?<BR><BR>Do we need to pay for optionals upfront in cash? Or can we use EFTPOS and credit cards?<BR><BR>Thanks xo



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