Need advice from fellow Canadians....preferrably girls but all advice is acceptable

8 Feb 2007 Hipjaz, the canuck from the T-Dot said

Hey Canadians, I'm planning on going on the Euro escapade tour in sept. i'm leaving from Toronto and i'm travelling alone. I need some major trip advice. I've visited the message boards but I find a lot of the questions i can't really relate to and i want to be certain about the advice i take. I was hoping that i would be able to speak to some of you to find out how you did your trip (i.e, how you took your money, your luggage etc) it's just easier when i get advice from a fellow canadian as i can relate more, and if you're a girl then it's even more better!! and if you did a tour roughly this long (mine is 27 days long so tours 22-37 days long)that would be golden.<BR>please msg back <BR>thanks!!



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