Dec 19 ( or 20th for the rest of the world....)

29 Apr 2008 princess19 said

YAY!! I booked it today! Cant wait.. Anyone else goin?
  • 6 Jul 2008 pdl77 said


    Hi there. Yes I am booked for that date. I am from Australia. Were are you arriving from?

  • 22 Jul 2008 Brad W said


    Hey guys,
    I am booking this trip next week. I am from Canada.

  • 9 Aug 2008 KatySaps said


    Hey! I’m thinking of doing this one… just gotta figure out the financial situation first, but if I can afford it, I’ll be there!

  • 11 Aug 2008 Explorer1109593 said


    I booked this trip last week – not sure where I will be flying in from yet, but I am very excited!

  • 12 Aug 2008 KatySaps said


    Yay! Booked it today! Might be doing it solo, might have a friend joining me (not quite sure yet)… Will probably be flying into Cairo either late night 19 Dec or early morning 20 Dec… I’m on Facebook so feel free to add me, I’m the only Katy Sapsford on there! Yay Christmas in Egypt! :-D

  • 18 Aug 2008 shookett said


    Booked today as well…

    I am frenchie living in Luxembourg Big Grin<!--graemlin::D-->

    Can’t wait

  • 4 Sep 2008 t rev21 said


    Hey all just booked on this tour, family will be thousands of miles away so how else would one spend xmas? haha. Im 21 and from Melbourne, doing the European Whirl next week, off to Oktoberfest straight after and then independently travelling until I meet you guys in Egypt.. Looking forward to it
    Trevor.. facebook is so feel free to add.

  • 1 Oct 2008 KatySaps said


    Hey everybody! Anyone know if this tour is full yet? I’ve got a friend who’s thinking about booking it….

  • 3 Oct 2008 Explorer1109364 said


    I don’t think it’s full. I booked about 2 weeks ago or so.

  • 20 Nov 2008 Explorer1109364 said


    Is anyone arriving a few days before the tour starts? I’m arriving early (Dec 18) so I thought I’d see if anyone wanted to meet up and check out some sites. I’d like to go see Alexandria.

  • 22 Nov 2008 KatySaps said


    ya, i’m getting in early morning on the 20th and was thinking about heading to alex for the day before the tour starts… let me know if your interested!

  • 23 Nov 2008 Jes said


    I just booked this tour a week ago! Very excited! I’m currently living in the US.

  • 24 Nov 2008 Dr Nick said


    I have just returned from the Egypt and the Nile Contiki trip, and I need to warn everyone about a scam we ran into. It involves the waiters and managers on the cruise ship (in our case the M/S Carmen but they are mostly all owned by thee same company; Egypt Hotels).

    When we ordered drinks on the boat, the waiter would write down our order, pass us the pad to sign for the order, then retrieve the pad, tear off a pink carbon copy receipt for us and go and get us the drink. The bill was to be paid at the end of the trip. When I came to pay for my bill at the end of the cruise I was shocked to find a list of bills that were much larger than anything I had signed for. I asked for their copy of the receipt which the management produced after much reluctance, which clearly showed that they had added drinks to the receipt AFTER I had signed my name at the bottom. For example, I ordered one beer. The receipt they produced had “1 x beer” written down and just under it in a different handwriting “2 x Heineken beer”. I never drink Heineken, and nobody else ordered with me, just the waiter and I were present, so I can be 100% sure that this was falsified on purpose. What is more, during that night, the waiters didn’t give us the pink receipts. This turned out to be because they were unable to forge our bills and add drinks if we had the pink receipts. I had been given 6 out of the 10 pink slips for the cruise. These pink slips I had tallied perfectly with the blue receipts they had kept for the drinks. But for the 4 bills that I wasn’t given a pink receipt for, I had had many beers and cokes added by the hotel afterwards.

    When I noticed this had happened upon paying the bill, I asked around and soon enough, there were a number of people that had found their bills to be doctored. Different hand writing was used, cokes were added to people’s bills who were caffeine intolerant (impossible!), some bills were summarised as “3 x beer, 1 x beer” which doesn’t make sense as they would have just written “4 x beer”. I now discovered at least 6 other people extremely unhappy with the way their bills had been falsified. The management of the cruise ship was very hostile towards us, and our tour guide had disappeared. We argued for about 2 hours but things were getting more and more heated and we looked like getting stuck on the ship with the armed police present without any ability to speak Arabic and defend ourselves, it was a very scary and unpleasant experience. We were then basically forced to pay the inflated bills as otherwise we would be unable to carry on with our tour.
    After that night, I asked around and found more people who had paid their bills but had secretly been suspicious of the high amount but hadn’t said anything. I believe that in total at the very least 10 people were scammed like this. I was charged 184 Egyptian pounds too much; other people were overcharged by different amounts. This was a horrible experience as I felt threatened and forced to pay for forged bills by people who had no respect or courtesy for us and were vicious and spiteful. The waiters were certainly involved, and I have good reason to believe that the management were also involved due to their complete lack of concern, insistence that we pay and unwillingness to investigate multiple reports of theft from on their ship.

    PLEASE be aware of this forgery. Keep and ask for every single pink receipt that you can, tell all your fellow tour friends to do the same, then they can’t scam you.

    Finally, this trip was the most fun trip I have ever had, so do enjoy yourselfs, it is truly fantastic. I just need to make sure that Egypt hotels get punished for what they did you us and that nobody else gets treated like we did.


  • 1 Dec 2008 Explorer1088348 said


    hey guys!

    I got my travel pack today and I’m sooo excited!
    I’m 21, from Melbourne, and moving to Sydney in 2009!

    I’m arriving 2am on the 20th Dec, anyone stayin at the Oasis hotel too?


  • 13 Dec 2008 Explorer1119197 said


    Hi All,

    I’m be joining you on this trip. I’m getting into Cairo late on the 20th from London so will see you all the next morning.


  • 16 Dec 2008 Jes said

    Originally posted by Explorer1109364:
    Is anyone arriving a few days before the tour starts? I’m arriving early (Dec 18) so I thought I’d see if anyone wanted to meet up and check out some sites. I’d like to go see Alexandria.

    Hey Explorer, I’m getting in early too! I will be there about 2am on Friday morning. Hopefully we can get in touch in the morning. Jes

  • 20 Oct 2009 Faby said


    Hi everybody!!! I’m from Brazil and i booked today this tour. I’m so excited about it.Write me Kisses

  • 20 Nov 2009 Explorer1157838 said


    so many aussies going!

    add another 3 to that list.
    3 dentists studying in adelaide will be coming too Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

    i actually made a facebook page about this tour a while ago hoping somehow people would find it and join, but no one did haha

    i’ll post the link when i get home if anyone is interesed

  • 20 Nov 2009 Explorer1157838 said


    as promised…php?gid=163067628166

    join Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 8 Dec 2009 Explorer1158667 said


    Hello Guys ..

    for all Interesting in Trip to Alexandria before the Tour .. Hers The Contact of Person who arranged my Trip it was fabulous . Egyptian Tour Operator you can contact him if you want to ask about anything, this guy very helpful
    Mr. Amr >

    Have a Nice Trip



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