October 08 or may 09

11 Jul 2008 *jadie* said

hey guys,<BR><BR>just wanting sum advice from any1 thats previously been on tours in these months, i was originally planning on doin the european vista next may with a friend. A couple things have changed where both still goin but thought, but thought of goin earlier.<BR><BR>will it still be warmish in october??? or would be better to wait till may 09<BR><BR>any1 that could help me make a decision be great thanks guys<BR><BR>jade
  • 11 Jul 2008 Jeremy said


    I cannot comment on October weather, but I did the Euro Whirl in May and the weather was fantastic. Seemed to be around 25C the whole time in every country and not too unpleasant at all, even in Rome. Granted, the whole time (practically) I was in Italy it was raining. But for being gone 23 days and it only rained 4 it was not bad!

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