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6 Apr 2014 Jehan asked


I know in the FAQ it says that bags cannot be more than 20kg which they are strict on. I was just wondering how strict they are on size, as the suggest a bag around 73cm x 50cm x 25cm, whereas the bag I will be taking will be around 90cm H x 40cm W x 30cm D

  • 24 Jun 2014 Aleisha91 said


    Honestly they dont care about size of your suitcase haha, i have been on 3 contikis now and they only weigh your bag once at the start and this is where they are strict, needs to be under 20kgs, i remember seeing people pull stuff out of their suitcases and then pack that stuff into there day bags to get under that weight limit, even though i dont know why they are starting out with 20kgs of luggage in the first place haha :/
    But you will be fine ;) Which tour are you going on?

  • 25 Jun 2014 Jehan said


    Thanks for the response :)
    I’m going on the Southern Adventure starting on the 3rd of July, very excited!
    Which tours have you been on?

  • 1 Jul 2014 Aleisha91 said


    oh nice im doing the grand southern on the 23rd Oct :)
    I have done European contrasts, Mexico Grande and the costa rice unplugged tours :)

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