Great britian tour?? London tours??

29 Jan 2007 Bree 24aus asked

Hi all,<BR><BR>ok, quesions..<BR>- has anyone done the 8 day great britian tour?? is it worth doing?? (19th july)<BR>(also this isn't a guaranteed departure date - is it likely to be cancelled?)<BR><BR>- also London..<BR>before or after contiki? does it matter that much?? (i was gonna do after so to have met people, but doing it before makes more sense with work - as the tour starts on a tuesday - leave Aus before the weekend)<BR><BR>- how are people doing london?<BR>pre-booked contiki? the hop-on-and-off bus? (you dont book this one right?). or just walking around? (the walk sounds good to me, and maybe the bus?)<BR><BR>- does the great britian tour include much of london?<BR><BR>- and is 3 days in london enough??<BR>(i've been reading a london book just today, and think i wanna see the main stuff, prob not musems or churches - unles they're famous, 'must-sees'. maybe a bit of shopping too, street stalls, harrods (but not too much shopping, you can shop anywhere)

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