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Tours = big party?

18 Nov 2008 Explorer1117231 asked

please tell me if im talking a load of rubbish, but i've heard from some people that the tours are more for people that like to party every night, more than a sightseeing/ shopping holiday.
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  • 18 Nov 2008 Daniel88 said


    Hey there
    from what ive been reading in the forums its a bit of both. i went to NZ in august and we balanced it out well(managed to sightsee/do activities and hav fun at night-its up to you if u wanna party everynite

  • 18 Nov 2008 said


    I drank myself to sleep most nights and still ended up seeing every city, never once missed anything because i was hungover/not feeling well/tired.
    Tours are really all about what you put into them, if you want to see everything you will, if you want to simply relax you can, and if you shop, youll be broke! haha but yah its more about what you do on tour that makes it what it is then anything else.
    There are partys/drunkennights but overall everyone seems to be there to see the sights and have some fun at night, and those who didnt go out at night werent mocked or anything, they just ended up getting better seats at breakfast!

  • 21 Nov 2008 melaniet said


    its totally up to you. on my tour there were always people who went out every night but there were always some people staying in too. youll absolutely be able to see all the things you want to see despite anyone elses partying. i was kind of worried about it too and it ended up working out great. if i wanted to go out there were always people to go with, and if i was tired it was no problem to stay in and get some sleep.

  • 9 Mar 2009 Paige said


    Its usually half half honestly. My friend was a drinker i was a sight seer, but dont be discouraged. Yes there are loud nights but you get used to it and earplugs are awesome!

  • 9 Mar 2009 cdm115 said


    My tours always (as most do) had a mix of people who were there for drinking, sightseeing and most people were there for both. I can’t think of anyone on my tours who missed out on sightseeing because they were hungover.

  • 11 Mar 2009 Explorer1119803 said


    hehehe.peoples,i have done 15 contiki tours and never have i been sobber.
    i did 4 tours back to back and every nite with the exception of a 1 nite break,i got drunk.
    if you think that these are alcohol free tours,forget it.
    its called"being responsible" and its your choice and decision wheather you drink or not.

  • 15 Mar 2009 Bateup said


    I just got back from 4 weeks around America (Grand Southern tour) and it was bloody fantastic.

    The crew on the bus was a good mix of the quieter types and the party types. But EVERYONE got on so well. The bus rides were all fun and games…which made the long rides seem so much shorter.

    At night, it was a good mix of sleep and partying. If you didn’t feel like going out, then you just stayed in and went to bed. No big deal. Some others would have little room parties. Others would go out and hit the town.

    Generally though, we didn’t go out all that much, because we knew we’d miss too much the next day. If we did go out, then usually the entire bus would come out as a massive clan. And it was so much fun!! There were drinkers and non-drinkers, so don’t feel like you’ll be left out if you don’t want to party all the time. You won’t be!!

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