how much digital camera memory are you taking?

12 Jul 2008 bec asked

Just out of interest, I think I might buy 1x 2g and 1x 4g card and take my 512mb card I already have that way i think Ill have plenty. <BR>what do other people think, and how much are you taking?
  • 12 Jul 2008 Explorer1095647 said


    I’m taking a 4gig, and 2x 2gig cards with a handheld portable 60gig hard drive to upload them to so I can clear my memory cards and use them again Big Grin<!--graemlin::D-->

  • 12 Jul 2008 Ness said


    OMG thats a lot of memory.. how many photos will 68gig hold??

  • 13 Jul 2008 Explorer1095647 said


    Lots LOL. I have a thing for photos though, I love using my camera and I’m away from home for 3 months. 3 weeks in the UK, 5 weeks around Europe and 4 weeks in the USA so plenty of photos to take!

    The portable hard drive is a better option for me as memory sticks are so easy to lose.

  • 13 Jul 2008 Jeremy said


    I took 3 cards, 2 × 2gb, 1 × 1gb when I was in Europe for 23 days. Capacity all depends on your camera of course, I had a point and shoot 8MP so I could get 2500 (less with video) and I ended up taking 1900 and 10 minutes of video (about).

    People thought I was crazy for taking that many, until they saw the results that is.

    My next big trip (planning 3 months) i’ll be taking about 30GB. Mainly because I just bought an SLR and the picture file size is larger. An 8GB card can get me 2000 on normal, and if I do artistic I’ll do them in either raw or fine.

    It is actually easy to carry around memory cards and batteries. Since my batteries on my point and click were so small I just put everything in my money belt. Won’t work with the SLR battery I suspect though.

  • 13 Jul 2008 Chris1982 said



    I just got back from a Ultimate European (45 days), I had an extra 10 days in London as well.

    I brought 13gigs and only used about 5.5gigs. I have an SLR and a point and shoot… I managed to take about 2000 pictures. I was so keen on taking pictures but a majority of Museums / sights will not let you take pictures inside sadly. It really depends on your shooting style and you can always sort through them when you get home, it’s better to take too many pictures then not enough. Now that I am back I wish I took more, especially pictures with my new friends.

  • 13 Jul 2008 Katie said


    I’m taking 3x 2gb & 1x 1gb. If I fill these up I will use a photo kiosk or camera shop to save some to CDs.

    A friend who did their Contiki last year did this but said if you take them to a photo shop tell them not to delete the pictures off the card when they are finished and check that the images are on the CD before you reformat your card – apparently someone on her trip lost all their pictures off a card because the shop made an error.

  • 13 Jul 2008 Jess-ade said


    Hi Explorer,

    I am too thinking about taking an external hard drive but have no idea about them so am having trouble figuring out what’s worth it’s value. What brand is your portable? And what country are you from?


  • 13 Jul 2008 Explorer1095647 said


    Hi Jess-ade…

    I’m from Australia. I use a Vosonic X-drive. I’ve had mine for a few years now so not sure if the same model exists, but it accepts virtually any memory card except the new High Capacity 4gig cards (due to it being around before they existed). I used to use a Sony digital camera and barely any devices accepted the Sony memory sticks so that was the advantage of having this device.

    That’s what mine looks like. It stores photos, you can view your videos on there, music, files etc, it’s awesome. Some don’t have screens but I felt safer being able to view what I’d uploaded to make sure it was safely stored before I wiped my memory card to start all over again.

    Hope that helps Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 13 Jul 2008 Jess-ade said


    Thanks Explorer, that does help. That’s the brand my friend has but I’ve noticed they can get quite pricey (presumable because they have the screens). I’ll do my shopping around.

  • 13 Jul 2008 Explorer1095647 said


    If memory serves me correctly I think I purchased mine for about $200… this is going back just over two years ago. I did check out the Vosonic site, their newer models look far more advanced and are rather pricey. Back then though the Sony memory sticks were still around $50-$70 just for a 1gig so it made sense to buy this.

    Now memory cards are so cheap, so it just depends. The X-drive does come in handy, it’s awesome to have on trips. I don’t know what I’d do without mine during my travels.

  • 15 Jul 2008 Explorer1104673 said


    my in-laws travel a ton and take a million photos, and told us about this thing called a wolverine external drive. it’s basically a small portable hard drive (deck of card size) that is like 80 gb. they mentioned it was about $100, but worth the cost b/c you don’t need to lug around a million SD cards for photos or a laptop. they just download pics each night and start fresh next morning. the thing stores any electronic files, including video footage. you just plug in the the device via USB and it copies everything over.

    we’re hoping to borrow theirs, but i thought i’d mention it in case anyone else was interested. i always have issues with the weight limit and this would save me tons of space!

  • 21 Jul 2008 Explorer1084391 said


    Does anyone know where to get wolverine external drive in New Zealand? Does it work for all cameras?

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