Grand Explorer (Christchurch - Auckland) 31st Jan - 15th Feb

2 Oct 2010 Becca said

Hi all,<BR><BR>I'm booked on the Grand Explorer tour from Christchurch to Auckland. Anyone else booked on this yet? I'm a little nervous that the date's not set as a definite departure at the moment, all my flights (from the UK) are booked so it'd awful if it didn't happen!<BR><BR>This will be my first holiday of this kind (touring rather than staying in one place and also travelling alone) so I'm very excited as well as a little nervous! I can't wait to meet new people and experience everything New Zealand and Contiki have to offer!
  • 21 Oct 2010 Becca said


    Today is the 99 days to go milestone until I fly out, I’m so excited! =)

  • 6 Dec 2010 Explorer1219847 said


    I am also booked for this tour. My husband and I are getting very excited. This is our first big trip and our honeymoon. Looking forward to the new experience and adventure.

  • 19 Dec 2010 Becca said


    Hey! Great, I’m glad to finally find other people booked on this tour and now that the status on the site has changed to definite I can breathe a sigh of relief! It sounds like a fantastic idea for a honeymoon, congrats to you both! Where are you from?

  • 3 Jan 2011 Explorer1219847 said


    We are from Aberta, Canada. I can’t believe that it is getting so close… I am getting very excited. Have you decided what optionals you are going to do yet?

  • 3 Jan 2011 Becca said


    Ooh, cool! I know, this time in 25 days I’ll be on the plane! I’d like to do almost all of the optional activities but the absolute must haves (though they’re the most terrifying!) are sky diving and the AJ Hackett triple challenge with 2 bungee’s and a canyon swing. How about you guys?

  • 6 Jan 2011 Kiel said


    Hey – my name is Kiel (it’s pronounced Kyle). Me and my mate Daniel will be on this one as well. So pumped! Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 12 Jan 2011 Becca said


    Hey! Awesome, we know that there are going to be at least 5 of us on this tour then! =D

    Is anyone else going alone? I have to admit I’m getting just the teensy bit nervous now!

    Looking forward to meeting y’all though. I think I’ve got everything ready and just need to pack (ok, maybe buy a few more clothes, lol) and get on the plane!

  • 13 Jan 2011 Explorer1227498 said


    Hi all,

    My name is Evan, from Toronto, Canada. I’m going to be booking this tonight and travelling solo. I look forward to meeting you all as well!


  • 18 Jan 2011 Explorer1228214 said


    Hi All,
    My names Kylie from Australia and me and my cousin will also be on this tour. Can’t wait, looking forward to meeting you all and having some fun times!

  • 26 Jan 2011 Becca said


    Great, at least 8 of us on board then. Only 1/2 a day left at work then I’m officially in holiday mode, can’t wait to meet everyone! =D



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