1st July 2008!

24 Oct 2007 DanniP said

Hi Everyone!<BR>Im planning on going on the European Escapade tour on July 1st... anyone else planning on the same one?<BR>Ive booked my flights, and will hopefully book my Contiki trip in the next few weeks. Planning on living/working in London for a year afterwards as well.<BR>Would love to hear from anyone else thinking of doing the same!<BR><BR><img src="" alt="Smiler" width="15" height="15"><!--graemlin::)-->
  • 28 Mar 2008 Nicky said


    Hey, another solo person. Great to have you on the trip! Where are you from and how old are you? You should join us over on facebook. I think the link is posted above.


  • 30 Mar 2008 Tahnee said


    Hey Tameka.
    Great to hear ur joining us all! Its sneaking up very quickly now! Can’t wait!
    Where abouts are u from?

  • 13 Apr 2008 Jac, Ness, Tahnz, Lisa and Rach said

    Jac, Ness, Tahnz, Lisa and Rach

    Woo more people. getting a bit excited now!

  • 20 Apr 2008 Jac, Ness, Tahnz, Lisa and Rach said

    Jac, Ness, Tahnz, Lisa and Rach

    Hey Mike

    thats awsome.

    If you guys have facebook you should join the group we have got going. it is a good way to have a chat with the peeps on the tour.

    2 months will come around sooo quickly.

    Jaclyn. Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 20 Apr 2008 Nicky said


    Hi Mel and Micheal,
    Are you from Victoria, Australia? Or Victoria, Canada? Great to have to both on the trip!


  • 20 Apr 2008 Explorer1097341 said


    Victoria Australia,

    But i posted in the wrong topic (ops! :P) we actually leave on the 3rd of July.

    So probably won’t see you all Frowner<!--graemlin::(-->

    Mike Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 7 May 2008 Anya said


    Hi! I’m going on this tour, I think anyway! Booked it all today, very last minute but I work best under pressure :P I’m travelling by myself so a little freaked out but I’m sure I’ll have fun! Can’t wait to meet you all!

  • 7 May 2008 Nicky said


    Hi Anya, I think all of us that are going solo are a bit freaked out. Eeker<!--graemlin::eek:--> Come join us on facebook, I think the link is on a previous page.


  • 23 Jun 2008 Lisa said


    see u peoples soon.

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