Grand southern Jan 8- under 21...

2 May 2014 Emma asked


Hey guys,
I'm interested in going on the grand southern tour- looks really amazing. I'm going alone but when I tell people I'm thinking of going they tell me it's silly going on a tour of america when I'd be 20 at the time and wouldn't be able to go partying. Would this be an issue? Would it be better to look into a Europe tour. I'm not a huge party/ drinking person so I didn't think it would be a problem- but many of my friends have brought it to my attention. So wondering what people think.

  • 7 Jun 2014 Explorer1251001 said



    This is the latin America forum, there’s a dedicated forum for USA.

    But anyway… I did the Grand Southern few years ago. Amazing tour.

    I do agree with you friends. Do Europe instead if you’re 20. It is not about how much you drink, but lots of the socialising part of the tour is going to take place during night outs in bars and clubs. Apart from socialising, an aspect of visiting USA is the world class night life some of the Grand Southern destinations offers. Vegas for example? We did go to club XS, one of the city’s largest, and it won’t be nice for you not being able to go. The diversity between night life in different states, the type of music played in Southern States compared to NYC, is a cultural experience I think worth experiencing.

    Save GS for later when you are older. Europe is nearly impressive if not even better and you will be able to enjoy everything.



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