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Questions for Matty V re contracss tour or anyone else who's done this tour

29 May 2010 Explorer1103115 said

Hiya <BR><BR>I'm all booked for European Contrasts starting 1st September!! I'm soo excited I can't wait. I have a few questions that I'm hoping Matty V or anyone else who has been on this tour recently can answer for me.<BR><BR>Here goes:<BR><BR>1: How much time is spent on the bus?<BR> I remember seeing a post from Matty V on here somewhere that had details of approximate traveling times betwen cities for this tour. I can't seem to find it now. Can someone repost link for me or provide details. If possible what are approximate times we arrive at each location. <BR><BR>2: Will I be able to do and see all of this in a day in each place? (Or would it take both days to do?) <BR><BR> PARIS<BR><BR> The Louvre ( And not having to run from room to room)<BR> Effiel Tower - walk up and see view for a while and also want to have picnic lunch on ground close to it.<BR> Notre Dame <BR> Catacombs <BR> Arc de Triomphe & Champs-Elysees <BR> Shopping/General walk around city <BR><BR> ROME/Vatican City <BR><BR> Sistine Chapel<BR> Roman Forum<BR> Colosseum<BR> St Peter's Bascilla<BR> Vatican Museum <BR> Trevi Fountain<BR><BR>3 Is it best to order/buy ticktets for tours in these places before we go? How bad/long our the queues generally. I'm thinking it might be best to wait until we are there that way I can go with others form tour group instead of on my own. How long does it normally take to get around Sistine Chapel and Museum etc? <BR><BR>Would it be possible to do all of the above in one day? I know it would be full on but want to make sure we get to see and do everyting in Paris and Rome plus still have time to chill and shop etc.<BR><BR>4 I've noticed we go to Versailles on day 2 how long does this take to get there and back? Is this an optional thing? I would only want to do this as long we've seen all of the above places I really want to see first. Does this take half a day out of 2nd day in Paris <BR><BR>5 I'm wondering what others who have been on this tours advice would be.<BR> <BR> What would you say are "must do's" in each place?<BR> What are the things you did that you wouldn't do again or recommond not doing? (Oprionals etc)<BR> What did you pack that you didn't need at all or suggest not taking?<BR> How much money did you spend a day? Did you spend $100 euros a day like it's recommended or how much did you get by on?<BR> What are best sovenuirs to buy to remind you of each place visited?<BR><BR>6 This tour will be in Munich for Oktoberfest. <BR> <BR> How far away do we stay from grounds of Oktoberfest? Do we get dropped off/picked up or can we walk? Does it cost to get in? <BR> <BR>I know some of these have been covered elsewehere in other posts but I'm looking for people who have been on contrasts tour to reply their experencies and thoughts!<BR><BR>Sorry for so many questions but I figure it's best to ask now and know exactly what we are in for!!<BR><BR> Cheers <img src="" alt="Big Grin" width="15" height="15"><!--graemlin::D-->
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  • 30 May 2010 C8lan said


    hi im doing the contrasts leaving sept 9th and am interested to here the answers to these questions.

    bring on oktoberfest!!!

  • 4 Jun 2010 Explorer1103115 said


    Thanks Vic,

    Good to know about Matty. I had noticed there weren’t any recent posts from him.

    I’ve checked out a few travelouges but wanted people from last years tours to comment on their experiences. Tips any info on actual contracts tours would be great!


  • 4 Jun 2010 ptooma said


    Tours barely change except for the participants. The Coliseum and Eiffel tower will still be there and probably look the same when we’re all old and grey. You can also look for other budget tour travelogues/reviews that are longer & shorter that go to the same location, since accommodations should be similar and the activities/optionals should be the same.

    - Vic

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