10 Aug 2006 mannzy said

If any1 has been on the 9day tour of london, paris n amsterdam. how much luggage do u reckon i should take?? cause i'm usualy a heavy packer. help plz lol
  • 14 Aug 2006 Cat1984 said


    You will be FINE!!

    Its only for 9 days and you still get 20kg. Im going away for 6 weeks and only get 20kg. Put everything on your bed that you wanna take (max 9 tops) and put in case and see how much weighs. If too heavy (seriously doubt it will be) take some out. You won’t need full bottles of toiletries either.

    If you don’t wear it at home you won’t wear it overseas. Try writing down what you wear in the next 9 days and take those clothes. You can do washing along the way if you want and we tend to wear the same clothes frequently.




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