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NZ Clothing

31 Dec 2010 Timmy said

Hey guys, <BR><BR>I am going on the Sun and Steam tour in Feb. I was wondering what is weather like over there? I was thinking as most of my clothing is either really dressy or work clothes, I might pack a few bits and pieces and buy some stuff over there, but Should I be packing cold weather gear or what? <BR><BR>I work and spend most of my life in Central QLD so I dont know what it would be like over there.<BR><BR>Cheers<BR><BR>Tim
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  • 12 Jan 2011 GEM said


    February is still summer over here. You’ll only be in the North Island so it’s usually a little warmer than the south(where I am) so the temps should be be somewhere between 15 and 25 degrees.

  • 13 Jan 2011 Timmy said


    Thanks for your reply GEM, I think I will just take a hoodie and some jeans….

  • 6 Feb 2011 gba91 said


    You will possibly be too hot in those haha. It is scorching hot at the moment. Everyone is in a dress in the north island at the moment

  • 10 Feb 2011 Timmy said


    haha sorry its taken so long to reply, BTW like the Ferrari!

    So you saying I should take a dress??? =P

  • 16 Feb 2011 nervous_traveler said


    I live in the north island of NZ i can tell you with 100% accuracy that it is still warm here. Haven’t worn a jersey yet. Have fun on ur tour

  • 23 Feb 2011 Jamie :) said


    Hi All,
    Im heading over in August this year – i know it will be cold/FREEZING but should i pack any summer clothes – Shorts? Also what are the clubs/pubs like when it comes to clothing? Closed in shoes a must or sandles/thongs allowable with shorts?
    Jamie :)

  • 24 Feb 2011 Timmy said


    Well I just got back from NZ about 3 days ago, It was warm during the day and cool and night, Im glad I took my jumper and jeans….I needed the Jumper first up, but that was because I was up at about 5 in the morning…..I usually took it off about 10 or so So August I would def take along something.

    When I went to all the pubs, I always had jeans and closed in footwear, but thats just me. There were guys with cargo sorts of things and pluggers….(Thongs) Hope this helps Jamie!

  • 24 Feb 2011 Jamie :) said


    Thank you very much! It does help – i dont think i will pack any summer clothing except for swimmers (for the hot spring/pool). So you missed the quake?? Hope you enjoyed your time over there – I cant wait!!

  • 25 Feb 2011 Timmy said


    Did I enjoy my time??? im kicking myself I didnt take the rest of the week off and do the south Island with the gang!!!!

    The thing I didnt pick up on, is that the Sun and steam tours are all tacked onto the Grand Explorer, just that you leave the group at the end of your 5 days….I originally thought it was your own little group but it isnt…..

    Good luck with it, you should have a ball! I sure did!

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