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Europe Summer 2015

16 Jun 2014 Chloebb asked


Is anyone planning on booking any tours around Europe in June/July next year?
Im planning on travelling on my own and want to get an idea of anyone else doing this :)

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  • 16 Jun 2014 Shelby said


    Hey Chloe, I’m looking at going solo early 2015 too! What tours were you looking at? Will be my first trip over seas!

  • 16 Jun 2014 Chloebb said


    Itll be my first trip as well! I was looking at either the European Escapade or the Mediterrainian highlights.There are just so many to choose from. How about you?

  • 16 Jun 2014 Shelby said


    I know way too many choices! I loved the look of Mediterranean highlights but I wanted a longer tour just to get a taste of everything and what I’d like to come back to! I did like the look of the European explorer plus Mykonos Island option, and I’ve heard the winter wanderer was good too. But I like how the explorer one has the Greek Islands in it aswell. Not sure:(

  • 16 Jun 2014 Chloebb said


    I was hoping to go for about 3-5 weeks maybe. I would love to do the Greek Island one and maybe join it to another tour. The main places i want to see are Spain, Italy, France and Greece. If i can see at least 3 of those 4 i would be happy :)
    Where are you from?

  • 16 Jun 2014 Shelby said


    Yeah those places all look amazing! Yeah deffinately, i wouldn’t mind joining two together so you get the islands plus the inland combined. After the contiki I’m heading to London to live/work! I am from qld Australia. You?

  • 19 Jun 2014 Chloebb said


    Im from Tasmania :) The only annoying thing for me is how expensive the flights are going to be. That sounds amazing! I was looking into that as well as my cousins are living in london, working in a pub there would be such an experience!

  • 19 Jun 2014 Shelby said


    Yeah your flights will be pricey hey, that sucks! Have you had any more of a look into which tour/s you want to do? It’s so hard to make a final decision!

  • 23 Jun 2014 Melaniederen said


    Im thinking of my first solo trip next year. Possibly flying to london and doing the european highlights tour then flying to athens and doing the greek island adventurer tour, june/july 2015. A bit nervous though flying from sydney and touring on my own

  • 23 Jun 2014 Shelby said


    The Greek Island adventurer looks amazing

  • 8 Jul 2014 Jessica said


    Does anyone know when the 2015 Summer dates are released? I’m dying to just pick my tour and book it!

    I’ve roped a friend in but if she bails I’ll be going solo. We’re looking at going in July/August so we can do a tour and hopefully tag on La Tomatina and Oktoberfest.

    Once we’re done adventuring we both plan on making the move to London to live/work aswell.

  • 8 Jul 2014 Sophie.Waltham said


    Hey jamsta91 I believe the dates for next year are released September maybe even early October this year – I’m the same as you – I just want to book it already!

    I’m also debating between doing the Greek Island adventurer or maybe the 13 day Greek Island hopping June/July after also doing the 45 day ultimate european plus Egypt. Maybe even the Berlin + Prague tour as well if I can afford it haha! Just dying to book it all already aha :D

  • 11 Jul 2014 Colegial13 said


    Hi to all,

    I’m interested in doing more or less a two week trip to Spain (Asturias, Basque Country, Galicia and Catalunya), France, Italy, Monaco and Switzerland during June and/or July and/or August…San Fermin Festival…La Tomatina???

    For now the Mini Rider includes most of this countries but no reviews as of yet. Also, there is a Pamplona Package just for the San Fermin Festival but it will be posted in October.

    First time I went overseas, I scheduled everything and went solo to Spain for the same amount of time and managed to visit Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia (Las Fallas Festival), Cordoba, Granada, Toledo and Segovia during the last week of March (air fare was cheaper).

    Hopefully this time I could do the same thing without doing the schedulling, not difficult but tedious.

    Let me know of previous experiences to those cities or some package that I would be interested.

  • 17 Jul 2014 Jodie said


    Hey Everyone, I’ve just held my spot for the European Impressions leaving mid-june and travelling solo aswell. Going to have some time in London/or somewhere either side

  • 13 Aug 2014 StephFaz91 said


    Hey Chloe! I’m locked in for the 45 day Europe tour with the Greek islands leaving 19 July – travelling solo too!
    Should be good!! there will be heaps of solo travellers so don’t stress over it.

  • 28 Aug 2014 Kaz said


    So I saw Jessica’s question on Tour dates etc for July/August 2015. I’m Kaz from South Africa , I booked the European Whirl, which is somewhat like the European Discovery except it starts on the Netherlands side and includes Czech Republic and Germany (2 days there) . Its great cause it ends in Paris where I plan on spending 4 days , which will be great because around the 27th of July is the time the Tour de France rides into Paris, so it should be a festive time to be there

  • 18 Sep 2014 Kaceyfowler92 said


    im looking at doing the summer thing next year as well and by myself too! I haven’t read all the comments so forgive me if this has been asked already, but what do you guys recommend for the summer trips, stick to greek islands? or try other areas aswell?

  • 18 Sep 2014 Melaniederen said


    Hey Kacey, A friend of mine went a while ago and recommended doing two smaller trips and going a bit on your own, and she deffinately recommended doing the greek islands
    I just booked european highlights as well as the greek island adventurer, and I’m planning on doing London, greece, and mykonos on my own :)

  • 28 Sep 2014 HollyW said


    Hey! I just booked Mediterranean quest at the end of July 2015 then heading over to greece for Spotlight on Greece. Couple of days on my own in between. Going to be my first contiki and I am going solo!

  • 7 Oct 2014 Colegial13 said


    For now I’m planning on the following. My goal is to be closest to Spain as possible to go to the San Fermin in Pamplona, Spain. The festival starts on the 6th/7th of July and ends the following week.

    Amsterdam to Barcelona June19-June29
    Western Quest June25-July03
    Western Rocker June21-June28 Grab a train from France to Pamplona

    If that is too much forget about Pamplona…
    European Highlights June26-July10
    European Discovery June26-July08

  • 3 Nov 2014 emmarose said


    Hey All, I’m doing ultimate European 21st of June 2015 and going solo. Covers a lot of ground so I know where I want to re-visit on future trips. Starting with a week in London and finishing in Belgium with some friends I met on my last trip! The greek islands part will be amazing.. little holiday with a holiday. I got shown some photos of the accom. at Europe expo and its beautiful x

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