Turkish Visa

13 Apr 2007 bellyk said

I already posted something on this in the meeting place section for my tour 'Ultimate European', but I thought I mgiht get a few more responses if I posted here instead.<BR><BR>The only visa I'm going to need is one for Turkey. I've asked my travel agent about it and she said that I can get one at the border gate, but I in the contiki brochure it says that they recommend to get any necessary visa's beforehand, SO in otherwords what should I do?
  • 13 Apr 2007 junior37991 said


    I wouldn’t worry about it at all. Just the other day a rang the embassy and they said they very rarely actually do visas here in Australia for Turkey. They said just get one at the border or airport. Give them a call just to see for yourself for piece of mind but that is what I have been told form the horses mouth so to speak.

  • 13 Apr 2007 Rachelh said


    Hi bellyk,

    I speak from experience and can tell you that everyone buys their visa for Turkey at the airport as soon as they arrive. You can pay with Liras and Euros. I bought mine with Euros (10 –15 euro)
    So don’t worry just buy one at the airport in Turkey!! Smiler<!-graemlin::)—>



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