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Contiki = All hook-ups & sex.. Do you see the sights aswell?

25 Apr 2010 kiralee asked

I've told people of my wishes to travel to Europe on a Contiki tour.. they seem to have a rep for hook ups and non-stop partying. While this is fun, I do like to spend time learning and sightseeing. People who have been can you please assure me that as well as partying and having fun, you do get to do what you like and don't spend the trip partying all night and sleeping all day?
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  • 25 Apr 2010 Jenelle said


    I have also had the same issue… i am travelling with my partner, and people say that is a Huge orgy, and you dont go on a contiki tour when u are not single…. which i would like to think other wise..i am i first time traveller so i want to see all the touresty things!

  • 25 Apr 2010 kiralee said


    I agree.. I’m planning on travelling with my best friend, but we are going to do the touristy things.. Unsure whether Contiki is right for us?

  • 25 Apr 2010 James K said

    James K

    Yes I would also like to know as I am going with my girlfriend. Thanks

  • 25 Apr 2010 loops said


    it is and isn’t
    contiki’s whatever you make it
    theres 50 people on your bus;
    some will want to be tucked up in bed at 11 to make the most of the sightseeing and yeah some will party till silly o’clock eveynight…
    most are somewhere in between, i found myself having quiter nights when we had a days sight seeing the next day
    and getting on it nights when i knew i was spending the next day on the bus so could sleep.
    hope that helps x

  • 25 Apr 2010 LUKE said


    Out of 30 people on my tour, I think their were two people who hooked up and are now quite serious. As far as partying goes, some tours are wilder then others, but everyday the same sightseeing is done and it’s up to to make the most of your experiences in europe Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> I don’t see anything wrong with couples going on contiki, I know there were about five or so on mine and on some tours there were much more.

  • 25 Apr 2010 kiralee said


    Thanks everyone Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

    That helps a lot.. definitely up for a bit of fun though , just wasn’t sure what to expect.

    Thanks Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 25 Apr 2010 *Katie* said


    hey kiralee.

    i have a few friends who have been on contiki tours and have given me feedback regarding “gang bangs” etc haha.

    apparently it all depends on the group you’re put with. bear in mind that most groups are between 40 and 50 ppl so not everyone has the same motives/personalites. as loops said there are lots of ppl who wanna be in bed at 10pm and there are also lots that party until all hours of the morning. you’re free to do whatever.

    one friend told me that on her tour there was quite a bit of drugs and sex going on but another friend told me that on her tour only a handful of ppl hooked up.

    with regards to the sightseeing, i’ve heard there is plenty. we also get tons of spare time! what u wanna get up 2 in your spare time is up 2 u. again, there will be a heap of ppl wanting to make the most of it but again, a good few ppl who’ll be sleeping their hangovers off.

    i really dont think u have anything 2 worry about. i’ve heard there are ppl from all walks of life, single or in relationships and u have the best time no matter who u r, it all depends what u make of it.

    hope that helps Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 25 Apr 2010 ptooma said

    Originally posted by travelguy:
    … the group you get will have a HUGE influence on the overall enjoyment of the tour. The sights you see will be awesome regardless but the group you spend time with on the bus, at the hotel, and out at night can take that trip to the next level. If you just want to sightsee, I would suggest you go on your own or with another company.

    Perfect summary … and TM enthusiasm also helps too.

    - Vic

  • 26 Apr 2010 cdm115 said


    I’ve done either 4 or 5 tours (depends if you count a 2 part tour as 1 tour or 2 – scandi and russia) and I never heard of an orgy or gangbang. Granted, I’m not the wildest partier, but I wouldn’t noticed that.

    There were people who either hooked up or wanted to hook up with people, but I never found them to be too pushy – they seem to know who is or isn’t interested.

    I’ve always found people were always interested in seeing the sights, some just are better rested for it.

  • 27 Apr 2010 HueChen said


    DID SOMEONE say Orgy? now that’s my kinda extracurricular activity… . hey when in rome…

  • 28 Apr 2010 nhillary said


    I’ve been on a few Contiki and also GAP and Intrepid and lots of travelling outside a tour group.

    First, if you are a couple, Contiki is still a lot of fun! I went on a 25 day Europe tour with my boyfriend and it was perfect. When we wanted to stay up all night partying with a great group it was right there for us. At the same time we took off at times and did our own sightseeing and skipped a group dinner or two (extra optionals)and it was no big deal. We managed to balance both the “couple” and “group” dynamics just fine. We still connected with a lot of people and even saw a few of them last year when we were in Australia. We were one of 2 couples on that tour. Since it was a longer tour, we did have one night where the girls “stole” me away, but it was a lot of fun.

    Hook ups? Yeah it happens, but that’s to be expected. For some couples it may be a night or two and for others they’ll hook up for the entire tour, but it’s not like it’s in your face or everyone is doing it. Anyway, it happened on all tours I’ve been on, not just Contiki.

    There’s always a bit of drama and romance when you get a large group of young adventurous people together. I think it depends on the group you’re with and where you’re taking your tour. When I was in Egypt the parties were a lot tamer than Europe and ended early…but then we all had to get up at 4am/5am every day to beat the worst of the heat and no one wanted to get sick in Egypt. Europe is known to be a bit of a party area no matter who you see it with.

    Contiki was amazing for sight seeing and the tour guides and bus drivers have always been some of the best out of any tour group I have been with (GAP also good though). They’re usually pretty young, energetic and knowledgable because Contiki has such a large international rep to uphold. Some of the lunch or break spots were in areas and seeing sights that I would have never have thought to stop at on my own and they were incrediable.

    Yes theme nights can get a little wild, especially since a lot of theme nights are held when more than one tour group is together (usually at least 3) at the same location owned by Contiki (so “fresh blood” for everyone, so to speak). However, theme nights (which are a lot of fun actually, despite some people going crazy) happen 2-3 nights tops during a longer tour.

  • 8 May 2010 socalgal said


    I did a concept tour and there was a fair amount of hookups. I ended up marrying my hookup. But at the same time I did not let the partying stop me from seeing the sites that I paid to see. It’s up to you to make the tour your own. If you want to see something, do something, then do it You are on tour- no regrets! Above all, have fun!

  • 10 May 2010 s1monNZ said


    haha that was a good read Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 13 Jun 2010 Pirate Tara said


    I was married when I went on my Contiki in 2007. My now ex-husband (him being an ex has nothing to do with Contiki, lol) didn’t have any desire to travel overseas so I took my younger sister.

    Yes, people hooked up on our tour. Yes, we partied a lot (I would say that I partied 6 out of the 12 nights that I was there; some partied every single night and some partied less than I did). Like anything, Contiki is what you make of it. There were plenty of people on our tour who had a blast and partied and didn’t hook up with anyone. Just don’t judge those who do so and you’ll be fine Wink<!--graemlin:;)-->

  • 13 Jun 2010 caroline1979 said


    Hi folks,

    This thread has been really helpful, thanks to all who have posted. I’m debating between a 9-day Kumuka Greek island hopping tour and the 13-day Contiki one. Want to be in my own age group (I’m 31), not stuck with a bunch of retired oldies, but also don’t want to be stuck with 20 year old mentalists who party til dawn and spend all day recovering from hangovers! I like to party too but no way I’d do 13 mad nights in a row!

    My main question is – I’m travelling alone, and it’s almost 50% on top of the tour price to get a single room (ridiculous!!). Has anyone gone on a tour and shared a room with a stranger, and had any good/bad experiences?

    Would appreciate any opinions and feedback you have!


  • 13 Jun 2010 cdm115 said


    I’ve done 5 tours as a solo and shared a room. Never had any drama. I became good friends will all but 1 of my roommates (that one I was friendly with but I didn’t hang out with her much outside of rooming together.) In all those tours I’ve only seen 1 set of roommates who didn’t get along.

  • 13 Dec 2011 Explorer1332748 said


    My boyfriend has just taken apart of a European contiki tour…
    He had some interesting things to say about the behaviour of the staff (bus driver and tour guide).
    On one of the many drunken nights out, the bus driver slept with a highly intoxicated girl who was much younger than him. I feel sorry for the girl who had to get back onto the bus the next day.
    The tour guide was giving her room number out to a new guy each week…
    The staff weren’t the only ones up for a “good time”. One particular Contiki explorer managed to sleep with three different girls in the first week of the tour.

    There seemed to be more focus on drinking and how many shots you consumed than how many sights you saw.

    I certainly won’t be going on a Contiki tour after hearing about this drunken orgy around Europe. There are many classier options than this. Thoroughly unimpressed.

  • 13 Dec 2011 Jen_au said


    Explorer 1332748 – I’ve been on 3 separate Contiki tours and yes there are many drunken nights and yes people hook up and yes sometimes the TM or Driver hook up but it’s not the main focus of the tour. Contiki is travel for 18-35 year olds and always has lots of singles so of course it’s going to happen but I’ve never seen anyone unwillingly drawn into anything they didn’t want to be a part of!! People that don’t wanna do that sort of stuff, don’t and people that do, do!! The tour is what you make of it and if you want it to be just about sight seeing and not partying you can!!

  • 13 Dec 2011 cdm115 said


    Explorer 1332748 I’ve been on 5 tours and I’ve met one girl who readily hooked up with many people including a bus driver. Other then that it’s mostly just an occasional person hooking one once in a while. I have also never had a TM or driver who was hooking up with people, or at least it didn’t become public knowledge. Though I do know that that happens. Actually one of my TM’s is married to a girl he met on a tour a year before I met him on tour.

    Maybe your boyfriend doesn’t want you going on a Contiki tour and that’s why he’s saying these things. Or he could have been on one of the random trips where everyone is overboard. But that is certainly the exception rather then the rule in my experience and from what the many other travelers I have dealt with have said.

  • 13 Dec 2011 kiralee said


    I started this thread before I went on Contiki – I was unsure as I was traveling solo leaving my boyfriend at home. BUT it was the most amazing experience – yeah there were hookups (none between the TM or driver), but there was also a big bunch of us who had partners at home and who still managed to have an amazing time on tour! It was great and I definitely don’t think Contiki is just for single people.. Unless you are going for the hookups.. But I loved it :)

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