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Contiki = All hook-ups & sex.. Do you see the sights aswell?

25 Apr 2010 kiralee asked

I've told people of my wishes to travel to Europe on a Contiki tour.. they seem to have a rep for hook ups and non-stop partying. While this is fun, I do like to spend time learning and sightseeing. People who have been can you please assure me that as well as partying and having fun, you do get to do what you like and don't spend the trip partying all night and sleeping all day?
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  • 13 Dec 2011 Explorer1333075 said


    I know our TM hooked with a fair share, but I don’t think with anyone on our group. Our driver was a bit of a dick and tried to hook up with a few girls from the trip, but it didn’t seem like any big deal until the booze started flowing. I wouldn’t say it’s the main focus of the trip. We saw a ton! It’s just a matter of playing it smart. I know a lot of people went to bed ‘early’ the day before the Vatican tour as everyone wanted to be up for that.

  • 13 Dec 2011 Reka803 said


    Hey there everyone. Interesting thread. I go solo all the time. I love to see the famous sites and famous cities and meeting new people. I dont really pay to much attention to the drama. One thing I will say is to avoid the Spanish Spree tour at all costs also so expensive everything over 100 euros to get into a club!! in Ibizia) It was a waste of my time and money 3/4 of the people just came there to party and drink 24/7 some were even drunk during the way. Simply Italy which I did twice is a total different story sure we party and drink but we dont take it overboard and the men are repectful and the girls are really nice sweet down to earth as opposed to the Spanish Spree group. Not sure of my first group but a sweet guy and a girl ended up in a serious relationship during the tour ( Italy) and the last one ( Italy) I think there was one hook up but maybe more of a relationship. No comment on Spanish Spree I actually dont know but there were some drugs being used and I did not hang with most of the people because they were just so unfriendly. Speaking of that what is the general enviroment ( people wise) if I go to peru or to the whole south America tour, many thanks, and hope I was of some help:)

  • 14 Dec 2011 Jen_au said


    Glad to hear you had a great time Kira!!! :D

  • 14 Dec 2011 Niqel said


    I’m curious on the "average age " on the tours. Sure it will vary and I understand that. I’m a 27 year old, single female looking for a fun experience through Europe. I not interested in touring with a bunch of people straight out of college that are barely 21 years old. Feedback?

  • 14 Dec 2011 cdm115 said


    I’ve actually met a lot of college age travelers who were great, I wouldn’t be afraid to tour with them. But if you’re looking for an older crowd I would pick a tour when colleges are in session and/or a regional tour. The regional tours I’ve been on tended to have slightly older and more experienced travelers.

  • 14 Dec 2011 Niqel said


    Thank you, cdm115.

  • 22 Dec 2011 interface2x said


    cdm115 is correct – I’ve been on two tours (at age 30 and 33) and did fine. A friend of mine went on one of the European whirlwind ones (something like 11 countries) in June of this year and she said it was a nightmare of drunken 18-19 year olds all over Europe. My most recent was last March (Simply Italy) and the majority of my tourmates were early to late 20’s. There was one girl that was a month younger than me and one girl that was a few years older, as well. I had a fantastic time, made some great friends with whom I’m still regularly in touch, and saw amazing sites all over Italy.

  • 27 Dec 2011 Alexander said


    I did a Italy tour back in September, only people who hooked up were the couples (i was a solo traveler). Was the best trip I’d say. Some people do like to party and its what you make it.

  • 7 Jan 2012 BrockB said


    My wife and I are going on the European Discovery in September. Will we be the creepy married couple on the tour?

  • 7 Jan 2012 kate_goat said


    Travel is all about what you make it. My tour had a lot of drinking and partying but there were a small group of us who liked to back a bit earlier than the rest. And then while they are all asleep on the bus from being tired and hungover I could be awake and take in the sights from the bus ride! A lot of peoples goals when they go overseas is to drink as much as possible but I didnt go all that way and spend all the money to sleep the whole day away. If you dont want to go out you dont have to. And BrockB, we had 2 married couples, several boyfriend/girlfrieds and one couple who got engaged in Venice, people get to know you both individually if you let them

  • 7 Jan 2012 Jordan said


    I was on a tour with 9 couples and the rest of us were great. We were there to see Europe, not get drunk every night. Also no one really got smashed and wrote themselves off.

  • 19 Feb 2012 Emma B said

    Emma B

    @brockB no i am sure you won’t be the creepy couple lol.. on my tour there was maybe about 4 couples (engaged) & about 3 married couples, some of them tended to hang out together but a few of the couples would come out to the bars at night so my suggestion is try to make it out with the group when they go out at night (not every night just 1 or 2 depending on how long your trip is) There was a couple on our trip we did not do anything with the group except for ride the bus, when we were sight seeing they would always leave I barely saw them. So if you stay away from doing that you will be fine

  • 3 Apr 2012 Daniel88 said


    Ive done 3 tours-NZ, Europe and USA. ‘Hooking up’ didnt occur that much-only a few people out of the 50. There was certainly no orgies going on! Its a real mix of people. Theres something for everyone-to a degree. I was 19 on my 1st tour, (23 now) and Im all about having a great time and partying and drinking, but at the same time Ive forked out $$$1000s so I also want to see the sights/do activities. Ive found that most people are like this. (in saying this though, i did sleep pretty much all day and party all night in Vegas). As long as no ones throwing up on/next to me the next morning on the bus and my roomie has respect for me by not keeping me up or ‘doing someone’ (have to have respect with this one) while im in room, then I couldnt care less what others do.

  • 8 Aug 2012 BFB13 said


    I went on Simply Italy last year and it seemed like the people who hooked up the most had bf’s or gf’s back home. I wish something happened for me because after tour I thought I was gonna have a aneurysm from lack of action haha :P. But it was fun as hell and the best time of my life I miss the hell out my group. Way cooler than my Berlin to Vienna group.

  • 29 Jun 2013 smokey58 said


    I went on the European Experience a couple of years back. My entire tour were drinking and drunk every night and sometimes during the day. I was a definitely the odd man out, especially given that I was 20 at the time. I was surprised as people I’d spoken to before and after had never had an experience where there weren’t at least a few people who wanted to chill some nights. My room mates the hooked up a lot and tended to bring people back to the room a lot as well. Extremely awkward and made for a slightly unpleasant experience. I’m still thinking of another tour, although it’s taken me years to wanna go again… Does anyone know if the Time Out (Hotel) tours have less of a rep for all night/every day partying and hook ups? I’m not against it entirely, just would be happy not to feel bad/like I was the only one if I want to stay in a few nights.

  • 30 Jun 2013 cdm115 said


    smokey, I would say that your Euro Experience was a bit of an anomaly to start with. And while, as you experienced, anything can happen. The hotel tours tend to be a touch toned down. I think they appeal to a slightly older crowd since they cost more money. And you’ll have one steady roommate for the trip. Or if you’re that worried about a roommate bringing someone into the room you could splurge for a single room.

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