Ultimate European in 2012

9 Sep 2010 KeenToTravel said

Hey all,<BR><BR>Just looking to see if anyone is doing the Ultimate European trip in early 2012.<BR><BR>Im looking at doing it late March, so i can get on the tour that goes through Turkey for Anzac day so i can be there for the dawn service!<BR><BR>This trip will finish mid July and then i would like to stay in London for a couple weeks afterwards, to see the Olympics.<BR><BR>Cant wait! Long way off i know, but need to plan and save enough money, so im there with no worries what so ever about money! <BR><BR>Any advice on the trip, how much to save? How many people usually are on a UE tour? <BR><BR>any help is good help! Thanks
  • 16 Jan 2012 Quilbo said


    Steff, i just added myself to the group!! Accept me!! :) lol.. I’m doing the same tour as Loz and am also staying to work after the tour.. I am so happy to see so many people on that facebook group!! lol.. I have been freaking out and now I will have people to talk to about it all!! lol.. You have no idea how excited I am now!! Thank you for posting that!! :)

  • 16 Jan 2012 Explorer1096759 said


    Ive booked this for the 28th April 2012. Anyone else going around this time?

  • 16 Jan 2012 Steff Bell said

    Steff Bell

    Ohh thats awesome Quilbo! I think someone else accepted you. haha. Its so good being able to talk to people who are already living over there :)



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