solo USA trip 2015 june/july

14 Jul 2014 Danielle asked


Hi im thinking of doing a solo trip next year and was just wondering if anyone could tell me if it is difficult to meet people/ make friends whilst doing a solo trip, I dont want to get half way through and be loneltly haha thanks

  • 15 Jul 2014 kyra said



    Im thinking about doing the same next year at the same time & im sure it will be fine! 60% of people who go are solo anyway :)0

  • 15 Jul 2014 Danielle said


    Oh awesome!! Do you know which one your thinkibg of doing?

  • 15 Jul 2014 Jo said


    I’m doing the same around April/May :)

  • 16 Jul 2014 Danielle said


    I just looked in the great sourthern one starting in new york but it doesnt go in june/july?

  • 16 Jul 2014 Jacz88 said


    Hey I’m in the same boat.. I’m traveling solo in July on the best of USA tour! Nervous but excited.

  • 16 Jul 2014 samie said


    Hey me and my younger sister at looking at going July 2015 on the grand southern tour. Starts in Los Angeles I can’t wait.

  • 16 Jul 2014 kyra said


    Thats the one i was thinking of Danielle! But starting in LA and finishing in NYC. I think the dates dont come out until next month!

  • 16 Jul 2014 Danielle said


    Oh ok yeh I changed mine to starting in la and finishing in nyc I think im gonna go on the one that starts 2nd of july and then just having a couple days extra in LA and NYC

  • 17 Jul 2014 kyra said


    Sounds good! :)

  • 17 Jul 2014 Dubz1990 said


    I’m going solo in June next year. Doing the Best of USA tour from 15th-28th, then spending a couple of extra nights on Rodeo Drive at the end. I’m nervous too but I’ve heard that majority of the people who do Contiki are going solo!

  • 19 Jul 2014 Ash said


    I’m travelling by myself doing the Grand Southern starting July 2nd LA to NY….so nervous cause it’s my first time!

  • 19 Jul 2014 Dubz1990 said


    Anyone else as impatient as me? I leave June 14th next year and it seems like a lifetime away even though people keep telling me it will come really quickly!

  • 20 Jul 2014 Danielle said


    Im doing the same one as you Ash! im nervous too best reckon its gonna be amazing!



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