Flight from Paris to Naples, Italy

10 Aug 2010 Sandra2580 said

I want to visit family in Naples, Italy after my trip to London and Paris Oct 15-22, would it be easier to book a flight while I'm in Paris or do it before I leave for the trip? I have a departure ticket from Paris but I want to cancel and depart from Rome instead.
  • 10 Aug 2010 Jeremy said


    I’m confused on what you are asking. Do you mean you originally have a plane ticket departing from Paris.. but now you want to move it to depart from Rome?

    It is probably cheaper to get a round trip plane ticket to Naples than deal with itinerary change fees that most airlines have to change your departure city from Paris to Rome. Might have to give up some travel time in Italy from it, but I wouldn’t do it unless the ticket was refundable or I had money to blow.



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