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Electronics on planes...

22 Apr 2009 JadeLouise said

Hi everyone,<BR>This might sound stupid but I've never been overseas before nd will have some long international flights before & after my tour so I was thinking of buying a Nintendo DS or something like that to keep me amused on the plane. I'm just not sure if something like that would interfere with the electrical system etc on a plane nd therefore not be allowed? I've checked the Qantas website but it doesnt really only says about laptops. If anyone has advice on this, that would be gr8.<BR>Thanks!
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  • 22 Apr 2009 Corinne said


    The only time electronics like i-pods, laptops and consoles are a problem is during take off and landing, but you can have them on during the rest of your flight.
    Most long haul airlines do tend to have radios, tvs and games though.

  • 22 Apr 2009 said


    Even in take off and landing most electronics aren’t a problem.

    It is only devices that send and receive data that can cause issues, Cell Phones/PDAs/Laptops all search for networks when they aren’t connected to one, which can cause interference with the towers.

    Over all it isn’t much of a problem anymore anyway since the technology of it has changed so much, its more just an extra layer of safety they keep in place as a security measure for remote operation detonations. The whole headphone thing is mostly a incase of a accident they want to make sure you get the proper instructions.

    The likely hood a Laptop Computer or any electronic device will interfere with the communication functions or any flight systems is minimal to none. If it were truly a problem you would have heard of someone turning a Laptop on to down a plan rather than going through the trouble of turning their shoe into a explosive lol

  • 22 Apr 2009 cdm115 said


    Carriers are starting to let people use internet on planes these days, Delta in the US is one that has started installing the hardware.

    You might be better off getting a PSP, you can watch movies on it as well as play games, a nice feature if you’re buying for use while traveling.

  • 23 Apr 2009 JadeLouise said


    Thanks so much, all ur responses have been a big help! I thought some sort of game thing would be a good idea coz there’s only so many movies i can watch before i get bored lol. I’m still deciding between the DS & PSP..I’ll have to look into them both. Thanks again!

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