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Ultimate European in 2011

30 Sep 2009 alyssa! said

anyone else planning just under 2 years ahead yet? <BR><BR>as I know I won't have the necessary funds until then, although I would love to go in 2010, but is not possible with school and work. <BR><BR>i'm also unsure to do greek or egypt option, i want to do both, but don't think thats possible.
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  • 1 Oct 2009 Ainsley said


    I’m attempting to save for this tour. Hoping to go in 2011. I will most likely choose the Egypt option.

  • 4 Oct 2009 Aimee2707 said


    I was planning on going in the Summer of 2011 myself.

    I was planning to leave Australia in the eariest trip of June and participate in two other smaller trips whilst in Europe.

    I figure that if you have already payed to fly over, why not do all of your Europe travelling at once!

    I am looking at obviously doing the Ultimate Europe with the Greek Islands option, although I could be swayed either way.

    The two smaller trips I was thinking of doing are the 10 Day Scandanavian which includes Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

    The other samller trip is the one I was having trouble desciding on. I really want to go to Prauge and there are a few options to do so. I can either do the 7 Day Berlin to Prauge, 9 Day Berlin to Prauge plua Vienna or the 11 Day Berlin to Budapest (It includes Prauge.
    I was thinking of doing the 7 Day trip as I would have gone to the other places in the Ultimate Europe Tour any way so why double up?

    Any advice??? It would be muchly appreciated!

    If I got my way I wouldnt actually get back onto Australian soil until atleast mid August! I would miss my 20th Birthday with my friends, but it would be worth it!!!

    If I went by the 2009/2010 Schedule I would have gone on the June 14 Trip. Therefore I would be in Amsterdam on my 20th Birthday!!! Imagine all the fun one could have!!!

    Anyway if anyone has any suggestions about my travel just buzz me or reply to this post!

    Thanks and have a fantastic day!!!!!

  • 7 Oct 2009 alyssa! said

    Originally posted by Aimee2707:
    I figure that if you have already payed to fly over, why not do all of your Europe travelling at once!

    thats exactly my thinking.
    some friends are planning to do dublin and amersterdam next year for 3 weeks, and im more of a person who would like to see more as who knows when ill be able to come back.

    and at the moment ive decided egypt, as greek islands would probably be easier to go back and visit whereas when will you get a chance to see egypt again?

    i will also have my birthday overseas when i do this trip (at the moment im thining of doing the june trip). When I did my australia trip a couple people had theres, and the whole group just goes in party mood and they said it was one of their best birthdays ever.

  • 19 Oct 2009 Explorer1154358 said


    Hey guys,

    I have been thinking on taking the trip summer of 2011 and I want the option for Egypt. That would give me a good year to save up and plan a great summer. I was planning on going alone, since none of my friends do not have the money to go or just do not want to go.Which I feel a little sad. I have been to the UK and Ireland twice before as far as indpented tavel with a friend and the second time bring my brothers along. Now this time I was to see something else and really enjoy myself. I also thought this would be a great thing for me to discover more about myself and meet new people and discover the world with out relatives or (a crazy friend that bad trouble- long story). I have been wanting to go back to Europe since 2006, but things have come up. Looking at the price of it being around $6,0000 close $7,000, I thought it was really price, but looking back on when I was in Europe, and not doing a tour, in a way i spent at least around that same amount. So I guess it worth it. I just hope that taking this tour that it will be more that I wanted it to be. I have this image in my head, about being on a tour with this boring tour guide and the bus breaking down evertime and the weather being so bad that things get cancel. I hope that does not happen. In fact I hope it to be a lifetime amazing memorise. If any travelers who have been on this tour before, please send me your thoughts. For the rest of you guys that are planning the same things, I hope I will meet you guys on the tour and have a blast together.

  • 2 Nov 2009 Haydn85 said


    Hey all

    Im the same I am hoping to do it August next year but i dont know if im able to i would like to do it to include Ok fest in Germany in September as that is omething I really want to do and do a smaller Uk tour after but I have already got travel plans for the start of August next year so im pushing it but Ill see hoe I go if not will be mid year 2011 and stay around a go back to Germany

  • 5 Dec 2009 T@/\/i@ said



    I am planning to go to Europe in 2011 from June to November and have been saving up for the trip of a lifetime…i will definately be doing the Ultimate European + Greek Islands and most likely then doing the 15 day Great Britain and Ireland contiki trip as well as independant travel around europe!

    I can’t wait…

  • 21 Jan 2010 jadey-mcjade said


    hey Im planning the excact same trip in 2011. Ultimate european and great britain and ireland. But im planning to stay ing ireland with a working visa after my tour. I am solo aswell and looking at booking my tours in june

  • 27 Jan 2010 Pamela85 said


    hey im planning to do this trip in 2011. Its my first contiki tour and i will be travelling alone. kind of nervous but i hear its good to travel alone. I have chosen to do the egypt option. cant wait Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 28 Jan 2010 missmorgan said


    Hey, i am planning on this trip in 2011 also. Going to do egypt option. Travelling alone, first trip ever. Very nervous and excited. Just have to save, save, save now!!!

  • 9 Feb 2010 kristy said


    yay i cant wait for 2011 to come.. im doing the UE + Egypt option in early to mid june. im going with my best friend and her bf. im glad theres people on here that are doing the same trip… cant wait to party with new people and ill be breaking the ice early

  • 10 Feb 2010 beckybc said


    I’m planning to do the UE with Egypt Option in June 2011…just hope I have enough $$ by then! Oh, and I’ll be travelling alone!

  • 13 Feb 2010 jadey-mcjade said


    Hey Dose anyone know when the Dates for 2011 Ultimate are released? they are not in the 2010-2011 brochure

  • 13 Feb 2010 kristy said


    the 2011/2012 brochure will be released in october this year… so you cant book anything for 2011 until then.. annoying i know bcoz i wanna book mine now im that excited Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->
    but you can get an idea with this years dates… they are pretty much the same and have been the past few years

  • 18 Feb 2010 beckybc said


    kristy I know what you mean i wanna go book right now! using the 2010 brochure dates i would be going on the june 11 departure most likely.
    I just hope the prices don’t go up for 2011…

  • 18 Feb 2010 beckybc said


    oh and anyone planning on taking the Ultimate European tour should definitely read this travelogue! it is totally awesome – very detailed and helps you see what the experience is really like

  • 28 Feb 2010 Explorer1159415 said


    I am also planning on doing the UE in June next year. I am thinking Eygpt, I wanted to the Greek Islands option but I also figure you would be able to go back there more easy than Eygpt. I also have to save, stop shopping haha. I also want to do the Ireland and Great Britan tour, but I figure I would most likely meet others who wanted to do it and we could travel together, it would sure be cheaper Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

    I just finished Dave’s travel log, it was amazing. I am now reading his around the world in 100 days, sure makes work more interesting.

    Hopefully will get to meet some of you.

    Also anyone interested in hitting up the states afterwards?

  • 2 Mar 2010 kristy said


    not sure on what dates im going in june 2011 yet but i want to stay in london a week before the tour starts and maybe a couple of days after.. doing the egypt option for sure… thats the part i want to see the most.. and ill be leaving my best friend to do the greek islands option hehe.. id start a facebook page but i think its a bit too early for that just yet..
    my budget is $28 thousand including the trip, flights, extra nights in london, optional extras, and shopping / food eg.150euro a day = approx $230 AUD. id rather have too much money than not enough. cant wait to go!!! Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 3 Mar 2010 Laine said


    150euro a day will be more than enough over 45days. I did a contiki escapade and spent about 100euro a day.

    If you guys are looking around the june dates i would suggest looking a bit later and getting to visit oktoberfest. It was one of the highlights of the tour even for those that didnt drink alot.

    Ive posted up an August 2011 trip which one of my mates and myself will be going on.

    Should be insane

  • 3 Mar 2010 kristy said


    haha yes 150 euro is way more than enough.. planing on spending 2 months in europe… good idea about oktoberfest

  • 3 Mar 2010 Laine said


    yeah the oky tour should be mid august i think. Definately worth while

    18months of savings is going to be a killer

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