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Saving money and spending money

20 Aug 2014 Danielle Bates asked

Danielle Bates

I am planning to the eastern escapade in July next year. What are some good tips on saving money, I do have a full time job and am going to put away half of my pay and then whatever I have left at the end. Also how much spending money does everyone think I will need for America to buy all the usual things one buys in the US. Thank you

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  • 28 Aug 2014 Samantha said


    The simplest ways to save money would include planning dates or hang outs with friends at home, prepare meals at home instead of eating out etc. Basically anytime you spend money on something that isn’t a necessity think about whether you really need it, or is there a cheaper route.

    Food in the US can be pretty cheap depending on where you go. You can get meals for under $10 a lot of places and portions are really big. I always plan extra though. Look at the trip you are planning, it will list how many meals are included, then figure out how many meals you need to buy your own food for. I would allow $10-$15 for breakfast and lunch and maybe a little more for dinners. Also look at the costs of the “me time” activities, thing about what you are interested in doing and add up the costs.

    The good thing about the US is that there are a lot of good deals, outlets etc. to shop at. Depending on your personal preference for buying clothes, shoes, souvenirs etc. just see how much money you can afford to take.

    It’s always better to bring too much money and have some left over at the end. It would be unfortunate to have too little money and not get to see everything you want.

  • 2 Sep 2014 Michelle said


    My advice to buying things regardless of where you are, buy things that can’t be found anywhere else which includes online.

  • 30 Dec 2014 christo1992 said


    as samantha said always to have too much than not enough, keep some aside for emergencies (never know what will happen) when i went earlier i wish i had prepared more for it but now i know what its like. as the usa works an a tipping system and thats how they make most of their wage. so also have to allow for tipping.. (p.s australians are known to be bad for not tipping over there i since found out) your tour manager will explain the tipping guide. but save save save… but most importantly.. HAVE FUN :)

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