46 day camping or 45 day concept?

11 Nov 2010 Anna asked

I just came back from 20 day concept and I loved loved loved contiki! I felt as though 20 days wasn't enough so I'm looking to do the BIG one.<BR><BR>Camping for 46 days does put me off as it was hard enough getting out of bed and onto the bus on my recent 20 day tour let alone packing up a tent too! Or 45 concept which doesn't visit as many countries as the 46 day but atleast I don't have to pack up a tent as well as myself?<BR><BR>Has anyone done any of these and can anyone give any advice?<BR>Cheers
  • 12 Nov 2010 kristy said


    i cannot wait for next year.. im doing the ultimate european and its my first time on contiki… hopefully it wont be too much at once

  • 18 Nov 2010 GEM said


    I’m doing the Ultimate European in March and I chose it mainly because it went to Egypt as well as most of Europe and I didn’t want to be camping for over 6 weeks and packing up a tent every day!

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